Friday, March 7, 2014

Allies of Cadia: Other Blogs to Check out

Today I would like to plug some fellow blogs and bloggers, some of these are newer that I like and support and others are ones that I read a lot and recommend you all read for the different perspectives that they offer.  The reason I want to do this is simply that at one point, it was just me posting random thoughts to myself online.  A few other blogs were kind enough to put me in their blog roll and to make a long story short, I now am talking to more people than just myself :).  So I would like to return the favor and hopefully see these blogs grow as mine has.

First I must plug my buddies blog, as I am a good friend and he has a great perspective from the Space Marine point of view.

Wardens of the Eastern Fringes

This is a take on 40k from the space marine point of view, mainly the Ultramarines.  My buddy loves his marines and lets be honest, Space Marines are awesome and nearly all of us have a place in our heart for a Chapter or Traitor Legion.  He also has a great point of view from the math perspective and really analyzes the statistical aspect of 40k.  We both disagree on how important it is, but its hard to argue with numbers :). 

Next is a regular to the blog, Mr Howell, his is a newer blog as well and is another growing one that I like to read and see his point of view

The Imperial Patrol

 This is a great blog that focuses on the hobby aspect of the Imperial Guard and 40k.  He is pretty devoted to showing the options that are truly out there for the hobbyist and that there are great Sci Fi miniatures out there that are not GW.  It is great for the IG collector as GW only makes so many IG regiments so if you are looking for options to customize your army there are great choices covered here.  He also covers other games as well, which is good to remember that 40k is not all that is the wargaming hobby.

Next is Mr. Foote's.  He is friends with the Imperial Patrol and has a good view from a non 40k wargamer perspective

The Dice Odyssey

This is good blog that really delves deep into fantasy, and I really enjoy reading that as its a game I never got into, but there is great fluff behind it and it looks like so much fun.  Check it out for fantasy aspect and the take on 40k from a player looking outside in.  It is something that is needed from time to time, as sometimes its hard to see what you are doing wrong, and easy for someone not invested to see.  Oh if I had more money, I would play me some fantasy.

The next is one I really enjoy reading as he is a deamon player and really is great to see the hobby from another armies point of view.

40k Daemons

This is a blog about daemons and 40k.  Think of it as a blog like mine, that has its faction it focuses on but also talk about the hobby in general.  He has great insights into Chaos and how those armies works.  Also has some great hobby work and conversions.  His Daemon weapon batteries and customized firestorm redoubt are awesome.  Its great seeing other hobbyists point of view and what motivates them. 

The last one is an email request to be added to the roll.

Victory Needs No Explanation, Defeat Allows None

This is a hobby focused blog, has some really cool unboxings and covers a lot of different kits and has some really cool kit bashing articles.  Also covers 30k and talks a bit about the heresy era.  This is another growing blog and has quite a few cool things to check out if you are interested for hobby ideas and 30k

That is all I really have for today.  There are other blogs that I read, check out the blog roll, but most of you are probably familiar as they are the "popular blogs".  Its always good to read other peoples perspectives and I enjoy seeing everyone's different thoughts.

Some IG rumors have been dropped, but really nothing more than the supposed release schedule.  The big transport will be interesting to see if its true.  A leviathan would be awesome, but I seriously doubt that.  Not going to really delve into it as you can see the rumors at the usual sites, and I really don't have anything to add to it currently



  1. Thanks heaps for your kind words :)

    Back when I was with the Dice odyssey and I first read your blog I was very happy to see a well done series of posts so I have read each one since.

    Keep up the good work :) I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the new Guard when it arrives. (Hopefully soon).

  2. Thanks for the shout out, my blog is often visited by NZ fantasy gamers so i forget that people outside NZ read it. Cheers and keep up the excellent job you do, its always a pleasure to read your blog.

  3. No problem, its good to support each other and do what we can. I like reading yours and seeing the different perspective.