Friday, April 28, 2017

8th Edition Psychic Phase

Today, we got a glimpse at the psychic phase.  The psychic phase is arguably the phase that needs the strongest look and needs the most improvement.  Thankfully, the changes so far are going in the right direction.  Though there are still a few things up in the air, they have hinted at more things as well that are a welcome change.

First off, there is no more rolling for warp charges at the beginning of the phase.  The new phase is simpler.  A psyker can attempt to use a number of powers equal to its "mastery level", a a level 2 pysker can attempt to use two powers.  Each power still has a warp charge though, but its effects are different.

Each test is a 2D6 test, with you needing to roll higher than the charge to successfully manifest the power.  I would say it is safe to assume that the warp charges of powers are going to increase, and we won't be seeing any warp charge 1 or 2 powers, most will probably be in the 5 range.  Deny the witch is being reworked with you needing a psyker within 24" to attempt to cancel the power, with the number of times he can attempt to cancel powers determined by his mastery level.  Now no real details other than this have been talked about, so I assume that deny the witch is going to have a bit more to it than that.  But it makes sense that armies without psykers will have a harder time denying powers, but I assume that they won't be completely helpless against them, most likely will only  get a chance to deny if they are specifically targeted by a power.

Though not specifically mentioned, they did hint in the comments that summoning will no longer be free.  Its going AoS, in that summoning will be allocated pts, so you'll have to have pts left over in order to summon.  This is a much needed change as the power of summoning cannot be understated in its current form.  I'm sure daemon players will be miffed, but I'm pretty sure they will get some unique love to make up for the loss of free summoning.

They also talked about mortal wounds, basically this looks like the new D weapon.  Mortal wounds basically cannot be saved in any way, at least as stated so far, but I would assume that there will be some defense against them that they have not mentioned.  This relates to psykers in that all psykers will know smite.  Smite is warp charge 5 and causes D3 mortal wounds to the enemy unit closest to the psyker (18" maximum range) and visible, with a roll of 10 or higher causing D6.  I like that they are basically giving every psyker in the game a strong offensive power.  So no matter what your psyker can do something.

I know some will not like mortal wounds, but as we have only seen a small glimpse of it, I will hold judgement.  Overall, this looks to be a much welcome update to the psychic phase that simplifies it while not losing too much flavor.  Looking forward to seeing more, but it does look like some of the strong elements of the psychic phase is being toned down, but psykers will be simpler to use and will still have power in the game.

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  1. Can't say I'm to worried about mortal wounds, as pretty much every wound is mortal to a guardsman!

    1. Agreed! If its replacing D weapons, I'm more than fine with it.

    2. Think you meant that reply for me ;)

      I did see that strength D is gone in 8th. This came from a GW employee on Twitter, and probably elsewhere at this point. It shouldn't have been put in the game to begin with, and I'm glad to see they realized that too.

    3. Mortal wounds can't use a typical save but for psychic powers there is still the deny the witch save. Which really makes the most sense since your armor should not help when a psyker atks your mind. However if mortal wounds exist on weapons there is no save at all.

      The real question is which army wins the psychic power lottery. Since each army gets thier own list to choose from it really boils down to who gets the best powers. I'm sure hey looked at this from an entire army balance point and certain armies will simply have better psychic powers but weaker in other areas. And I wonder is armies like tau and necrons will have any psychic support or just ignore the phase all together again?

  2. If mortal wounds are the new strength D then I'll take it. It beats the hell out of "removed from play".

    As for the psychic phase, these are all welcomed changes. The one thing I hope to see is just straight up buying powers again. Let's remove the random element that it is, and pay Xpts for power A. They're doing well to trim the fat, and here's hoping that's another.

  3. Hell yeah, this will allow me to add Primaris Psykers to my Imperial Guard armies. But I've no idea how to work that out. I always liked Battle Psykers.

    I could also ally a Thousand Sons detachment to my Imperial Guard. No, it's not that they're being friendly, but more like the Thousand Sons are intervening for their own motives against a common foe, for example the Death Guard. Well, we shall see...I dunno.

  4. I wonder what this will mean for vehicles. Will psychic pilots come back?

    And brotherhood of psykers?!

    Exciting, but it looks like any form of Psyker will soon be must take for all lists.