Wednesday, July 15, 2015


So I have been away for a long time.  Sorry everyone, I have just been swamped with life.  Work is busier than ever.  My wife got a new job that requires more travel time, so I am taking up the slack with chores and work at home.  And I am going to be changing careers, with that I am spending a lot of my free time on what I will be doing after the army.  I am still here though and I will still be playing when I get a chance.

Since I haven't been playing at all recently I am not up to date on the new armies and the tactics against them.  I am hoping to start having some more hobby time soon and getting posting again.

Hope you all are well.



  1. Don't worry, you're not missing much. I think the only new stuff is the new Dark Angels codex so far, so there shouldn't be anything to miss out on unless you're a Warhammer Fantasy fan (I'm not) then you're missing out on Age of Sigmar.

    I think so far the really new armies are the Adeptus Mechanicus stuff, like the Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation. You did a lot on the Skitarii, but you didn't do much on the new Imperial Knights codex or Cult Mechanicus, but it should be fine. Maybe I'll do it, but as a new player obviously no one is going to read my stuff and take it seriously. Ha ha.

    I did manage to build an Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation, but like you I've got to do stuff for the next 3 weeks, so I'll only be able to test it out next month. Will let you know how it goes.

  2. Yeah, as stated above the last lot of 40k to make landfall was Dark Angels (who imo have been given a good improvement) and Codex Space Marines, which I'm having fun with. I've heard that Age of Sigmar could go for quite a few more months so Games Workshop can consolidate the new line of products. I'm hoping my Word Bearers might get a look in after the 40k dry spell with a new CSM codex. Everywhere I go there are still arguments over AoS so you haven't missed anything at all and you'll probably be back in time for 40k's resumption. All the best for your career change and I look forward to your return.

  3. Hey there greets from Germany .

    I'm glad to see you still alive and your great Blog is not already dead. This would make me really sad, because I found it just one or two months ago and still reading your Posts. So I have to say i damn love this Blog its really interesting with a lot of ideas and tactics i never thought about it ( Enginsser, Trojan and Atlas for example), not to forget to say it's really good to read with my english-knowledge from Highshool ^^. I hope you will find some time for your hobby (god damn real life ^^) and you will find your way leaving the Army. Can feel with you but I am glad I have a couple of years till I have to becoma a civilian xD. Like Brad Pitt has sad in Fury: "Got damn best job in my life"

    See you and "Glück Ab und Anker wirf"


  4. Yeah, you've not missed masses in the last few weeks, DA codex was good though, defiantly got some good updates, but there are one or two glaring holes! SM codex was alright, nothing exceptional but in both cases I think that the new demi company setup is fluffy but restrictive. That and neither the SM or DA on work with my current army lists! oh well, CAD it is then.

    I hope all goes well with leaving the army, I know that it can be a challenging time. I don't know about in the US but it can be a big change from the routine of army life to the chaos that is civvy life. At least you sound like you have a plan for when you demob.

    All the best and look forward to reading future posts.

  5. Take your time, some times life get you very busy and then hobby time have to take a step back. Good to hear that´s nothing bad that has happend.

  6. You haven't missed much
    just the New Dark Angels Codex
    (A mate of mine fields them and there are rules contradicting to the rules for each units)
    And Age of Sigmar but who plays fantasy anyways
    we play 40k!
    Should see some youtube videos of certain people rage quit as Age of Sigmar is not good

    1. Did they figure out how to use the Ravenwing Strike Force yet? Apparently the only HQ unit that it can take is a model with the Ravenwing rule, but only Sammuel/Sable has the Ravenwing rule! Which means the extra 2 optional HQ slots are unnecessary and contradictory. Worse, Games Workshop hasn't released a FAQ regarding this!