Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just around the Corner

Sorry I have been gone for a while.  Life has been busy, weather is great so I have been getting outside and doing other things with my free time.  The full Ad mech is about to be out with cult mechanicus and I am pretty darn excited.  Ad Mech is def going to be my next army, but its going to be a long haul before I build it, once the codex is out, I'll decide how I want to slice it up between cult and skitarii.

Rules wise, the electropriests aren't really floating my boat.  There the cheapest, but really don't see them being too effective.  Will reserve judgement, but not sold on them, feel that at least the skitarii cc one had some help with scout and infiltrate (for infiltrators) and dunestrider to at least help them.  Have yet to see something that makes the priests stand out.  However everything else looks amazing.  Its pricey, but its so darn good.  The battle servitors look to be great, the breachers I like as they will be decent CC units and also have good ranged options with haywire.  The shooty version have grav cannons, which will prob the the standard loadout.  With the Kastelans with phosphor out the wazoo, you'll deal with mass troops with them, grav for tough units, and haywire for the pesky tough vehicles. 

Overall, this army is going to rock, and combined with skitarii be damned hard to kill and just fire ungodly amounts of guns.  The formation looks good, but want to see more for sure. 

Otherwise, I am in a bit of a slump.  I really don't have a direction for the IG, and while I want to do Ad mech, its going to be a long while before I get the money and models to do a full army, so they won't be around anytime soon. 

I hope to figure a direction soon, as I enjoyed getting some games in again, but I just don't know.  Anyways, hope you all are enjoying your 40k.



  1. I've got a direction for you. Buy Leman Russes! Lots of Leman Russes! And more Leman Russes!

    Oh. Wait, you don't have the money to buy too many Leman Russes. But my favorite direction has always been Armor, or Mech Guard, so why not try that out? Nothing beats seeing a few squardon of tanks roll out and blast the opponent to beats with heavy firepower while tanking hits with their AV14 front armor. YAY!


    1. I do need a few more tanks, was planning on getting a few more in the future.

    2. Great! I guess that's your direction for your Imperial Guard then?

    3. I'm looking at more mech than straight armor. Though long term an armor company will be a def army, but right now lots of mech infantry with tanks will be fun to play.

  2. Can you do a post about psykers that IG can use and how best to use them? I have been playing around with a Company command squad with plasma pistol and 4 plasma guns, all in carapace, joined by a power armored, plasma pistol wielding Inquisitor with prescience for reroll hits, and an astropath just for an extra warp charge and the off chance to use psychic shriek in the event anything survives the plasmaguns.
    I would really like to look at other options though. I heard allied Runepriest is good but can you explain why?
    Another option is allied Dark Angels libby with power field, with it the command squad could all get 4+ invuln and then could save points by not taking inquisitor or the carapace.
    What do you think? Could you do an article all about psykers with the IG?

    1. Really psyker wise, one of your best options is the primaris psyker at ML2, its the cheapest way to get to warp charges and gets divination. The inquisitor is ok for psychic, but not great, he's great if you are bringing some of the other tools like servo skulls and weapons, but alone as a pysker he isn't amazing. Runepriests are good for the range of powers they can get and also their options, plus ATSKNF, which applies to just about any marine psyker.

      Really first choice should be ML 2 primaris psyker. Unless you are specifically looking for telepathy, in which case you have to look elsewhere.