Friday, May 22, 2015

New direction

After doing some discussion, and a little reorganizing of the hobby space, I think I know what I am going to drive forward with in regards to IG.  Really there are two armies right now I want to play around with.  First is mech, and second is mass infantry.  I have played infantry heavy lists before, and always loved how they played.  Bullgryns have proven themselves alot and will work wonderfully in a cheap infantry list.  And armor is just plain fun.

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above is what I am looking at going with, of course infantry will be inside those chimeras.  Basic idea is to provide mobility for maelstrom games, and durability for normal games.  Leman russ eradicators for burning units out of cover, along with wyverns.  Weakness will be lack of AA, and strong anti tank, but Ill have a devil dog squadron in that regard and with all the S6/7 I should do fine.

I will be finalizing this list over the weekend and will be getting a game in with my buddy on monday, so will see how this runs.  

The infantry list is just going to be massed human wave, with prob 60 conscripts and lots of supporting infantry to follow up objectives.  Bullgryns will provide moving cover for units in the rear to mid field.   Will prob be bringing a bit of flamers, as ignores cover weapons will be scarce other than orders.

Ad mech is my long term project.  I have yet to really figure out how I want to construct the army and since I have almost nothing, its going to be a long time to start it from scratch, I know I want 4 duncrawlers minimum, so that alone isn't cheap, plus all the infantry and cult mech units.  We'll see how it fleshes out but hopefully by the end of the summer a 1500 pt army will emerge.

Hope you all have a good weekend.



  1. Lets do this! Monday it is on! Luck in Battle!

  2. Sounds like the same direction I'm slowly moving in. Somehow, the new release for knights drove me away from knights and back into the waiting arms of my IG.

  3. I certainly want to try out the 200+ guardsmen on the table approach myself.

  4. I'm thinking about starting a Skitarrii army myself to go with my newly acquired Knight Castigator. I must say I'm not a big fan of the Cult Mechanicus models (except for that awesome Techpriest Dominus that is), but the Skitarii range really caught me.

    I'm really curious about what this new way of building forces we have seen with 'Crons and Eldar will mean for our good old Astra Militarum (and my 'Nids for that matter). The latest army releases seem to have some pretty powerful stuff in it. Hope they don't forget about the Imperial Guard when it's time for an update, not because I want IG to be overpowered but because they need tot be competitive with the likes of Eldar and Necrons.

    Don't play tournaments but we have a really fun gaming group for friendly games.I myself am a pretty fluffy player. I have a bunch of Tyranids for example, and they're a real swarm army and not entirely made up of monstrous creatures such as most 'Nid armies you see nowadays. That's because in my mind that's the image of a Tyranid assault, lots of little bugs with a few big ones towering above them. My IG are usually more of a mixed force, with infantry, armor, mech, Militarum Tempestus, flyers; I just can't choose one aspect that I like best :)
    Usually I try to combine two or three of those aspects in one army, and choose a different combination next time.

    1. Looking forward to see your New Direction progress soon btw :)