Friday, January 23, 2015

Hobby Progress: Painted Krom Dragongaze

Alright so finally got another post.  I have been working on Krom Dragongaze, the space wolf special character from the sanctus reach campaign.  I love the model which is why I got it, plus he makes a great wolf lord/battle leader.  Kept with my armies theme and did a bit more final work, which I think shows in the face and in other areas.  There is def some more work to do but I really like his look so far.

I used lothern blue and then the guilimans glaze for the "runic" parts on the armor, it fits into the recesses well and has a nice glowing effect.

On the cape I did some minor highlights, using a medium red (wazdakka I think) for the main, then evil sunz red on the outer edges and raised bits, then khorne red in the recesses for some shading.  Turned out good, needs prob a few more runs to clean it up, but I don't do shading too much so I'm bleh at it.

I still have the base to do, so its not done, but I can play with this guy and not feel bad about it. 

The axe turned out well, I used leadbeltcher as the base, then on the blade edges some old mithril silver I still have before the new paints (don't remember the new equivalent)  Then used guillimans blue glaze for the runes and the edge of the blade for the power weapon glow.  I do love the glazes and used the green on the gems all over him, though it needs a lot more washes to really bring it out.

hope you enjoy.



  1. That axe looks sweet very well done.

    1. Thanks, its not hard to do which is why I like the technique. The glazes are amazing

    2. Yep, the glazes are just awesome. Something else to try, basecoat white, then drop a big drop of glaze. That way it's as vibrant and brightly glowing as possible, and absolutely easy to do. I glazed metal colors before, but I prefer the result of white basecoat.