Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guest Hobby: Converted Imperial Guard and Scions

Second set of army pics sent in to me while I was away.  Luke did some great conversion work on all of his stuff and I must say I am jealous of how you paint eyes so well, something I still struggle with.  Above is one of his scion commanders, looking very nice.  More below

Converted kasrkin sgt with an eldar sword, plasma pistol, medal, and though hard to see if you look close he has some beautiful flowing locks of hair :).

Converted scions with plasma guns, he took my suggestions on modeling them up so they all don't have that stupid pointing finger and look like they actually know how to fire a plasma gun.

Another converted kasrkin sgt, plasma pistol, completely new head, and a cool medal.

A pretty sweet looking female vindicare assassin.  Have to say I love this model, looks pretty damn deadly!

Next to the other vindicares.

And finally a heavily converted leman russ to look like a russion KV-5 heavy tank.  Looks pretty damn sweet. 

Thanks for sending the pics in luke.  If anyone else has some great looking armies, feel free to send em in, I love showing off other peoples work, its great to see other armies and how each person takes their army and makes it theirs.



  1. Great conversions and nice paintjob! I love the 2nd edition style basing :)

  2. Nice work, any idea where the female vindicare assasin came from and what kits/models were used? Building some sister allies hopefully from bits (wyches at the moment) and on the look out for sources for decent bits/models. Could work as a Celestine alternative?!


  3. Nice use of the raging heroes figure for the assassin. She fits perfectly and looks super wicked! Great models here. I also love that edge highlighting, which I know is sooo time consuming!