Segmentum Command

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There you will find all our latest episodes and content form myself, torquer and big kev.

   Please note that these podcasts do include occasional adult content, we do not try to swear, but neither do we censor ourselves.  Its our podcast/s, so if this offends you then don't listen, no one is forcing you.

Segmentum Command is our joint podcast that involves myself, Torquer, my brother, and our wives when they feel like ;).

Litanies of the Chaplain is Torquers personal Podcast that covers the space marines and his hobby specifically.

Segmentum Command Episode 4: 7th Edition

Segmentum Command Episode 3: Astra Militarum

Segmentum Command Episode 2: Knight Armies & Personal Rants

Segmentum Command Episode 1: Knights & State of 40K

Litanies of the Chaplain Episode 1: Tactical Marines

Please send all questions regarding the podcats to the respective authors, see mine under contact me, Torquers on his site.  Subject: SC/LoC Podcast.