Thursday, February 27, 2014

Imperial Guard Rumors: Possible Formations/Dataslates

Alright, so nothing really new has dropped in terms of IG rumors, but I want to go through some of the most recent with some critical thinking and also in light of what we know about the new Knights.  Now not too long ago 40k radio/Faeit released a rumor stating that everyone would get access to ogyrns/stormtroopers/commissars and that it would be a part of the new knight codex.  Now this was a sketchy rumor and I really didn't buy it.  But we now know more about the knight codex and that freeblades are not a mercenary sub faction but just other knights that have no allegiances.  So what does that mean about the whole Auxilia thing?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Imperial Guard Hobby: Building a Warhound Titan

Alright so now I want to talk about actually building this beautiful monster.  If interested check out the Batrep of the Warhound vs the Ultramarines here, it was brutal.  Also IG players don't forget to vote in the poll and comment here.  On to the Titan.  I will say this was a learning experience and though FW produces amazing models, their instructions are not that amazing.  But I was able to stumble my way through it.  Main issue is that the legs were not positioned back enough, so the titan when fully assembled would not stand up as it was to forward heavy, thus the large base you see there.  So if you are building a Titan, take that to heart and make sure the legs are back enough to support the weight, its a heavy model, especially up top.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Escalation Batrep: IG w/Warhound vs Space Marines 2000pts

I have a Titan!!  My awesome brother go this for me as a wedding gift.  I am the proud owner of a Lucius (jackal) pattern Warhound Titan.   It is armed with a Plasma Blastgun and a Double Barreled turbo laser destructor.   I went with Legio Invicta (from Titanicus) as my parent legion, mainly because I really like the color scheme and I love the book Titanicus and Invicta was a bunch of BA's in it.  Titan does not have an official name yet, but its nick name right now is Te Ipsum.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Imperial Guard Hobby: Psykers & Storm Troopers

This has been a very busy weak and though I have not been posting a lot, I did get a few things done.  So I was finally able to do some work on my second storm trooper squad.  I have prob had this squad for a year + and been primed and waiting for paint.  The other was my recently purchase psyker squad, which to my surprise also had a primaris in it.  Not sure if the seller knew or just didn't care.  Makes me happy.  I was able to get this done due to two shifts of staff duty, had to do something while working so I got them done finally.  Have one other project underway which I will be showing off soon, its very exciting for me though :).  Anyways on to the models 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where Are You Imperial Guard Players Located

Ok I have added a poll to the blog, going to try something new out.  Something that I always find interesting and cool is that this hobby is so widespread and enjoyed around the world.  So that is the question of the day.  Where are you IG players located?  Feel free to respond in the comments as well and you can add your region/city and not just your city.  For example I am in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, USA.

I find that certain areas and regions tend to have favorite armies.  Here Tau and Chaos are very common.  So answer the poll and answer below.  Muster for the Guard.  What world are your from?


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Imperial Knights & 40K Going Forward

The hammer has dropped and this is what we have.  Not taking into account any of the rules or rumors, that is hands down an awesome and beautiful model.  There is no way to really to put it otherwise.  I know I always tell myself that I will only buy stuff that I like the rules for and GW is out of touch when they think that people will buy based off the models look and not the rules.  And I look at this and I really don't care what the rules are, I want one.  But there are rules and it does affect what and how I buy.  I was wrong, 4chan was right, this baby is a superheavy and it has the D.  Now how is this going to affect 40k and what is it going to look like going forward?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Chimera

Back to some tactics.  There have been some more Knight rumors and IG rumors, check them out here and here.  I will wait a little as I have already put my thoughts in and want to see what comes out the next few days.  I will say I am happy, I actually made it onto BoLS, they referenced me in an article, so I am feeling a little happy about that, not really expecting it.  Guess I am going more mainstream, who knows trolls may start appearing.  So today, before I head off to valentines stuff, I am going to do a quick run through on the Chimera.  I talked about them in relation to infantry squads earlier so check out the tactica on the right.   This will be focused on the Chimera itself and less on the troops they carry.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Post about Knights

Ok a lot has dropped about knights in the last 24 hours.  Big one being that a store somewhere is taking orders.  There are also supposed stats for them.  First these are two different sources so don't confuse one rumor with the other.  I think one is an accurate one, while the other is suspect. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

100th Post, LVO, and Double FoC

Well First off this is my 100th post!  So far so good, never really thought I would get this far and certainly not so quickly. Thank you everyone that has supported and commented, the comments and discussions are probably my favorite part about this blog. I plan on this continuing for as long as I am able and have interesting things(I hope) to talk about.  While I have not really done a whole lot of 40k in the last couple of weeks, big things have happened in the community.  The LVO has come and past.  Please not I did not attend so cannot speak to the quality of the event(great from what I've heard).  So what has come out of it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Imperial Knights and Hobby News

Finally back, life has been busy and along with work I have been swamped.  Sadly no games, plans to get some on Sat fell through and things really have been busy.  Part of my slump is also with IG coming in the near future, its hard to think of things when I am still on the look out and thinking about the possibilities of the new codex, versus using the old/current one.  I will try and put out more tactics though, even though the codex is pretty much covered at this point.  I am however very excited about Imperial Knights and really can't wait for them to come.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Imperial Guard Rumors: New Ogryns

Recent rumors have come to light concerning the new IG and it is about the Ogryns.  Faeit has been on top of the rumors so check em out there if looking for the full details.  What the rumor is about is that a new plastic box of Ogryns have been sighted and the differences that it has.  The first thing is that it is supposed to be a dual kit with regular and some sort of 'armored' ogryn.  They have riot shields supposedly but other than that no big details.  The other big thing is that they are supposedly named Militarum Auxilia.  This could point more strongly in the direction of the name change.  So what does this mean?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kill Team Batreps: IG vs Necrons

I have been playing kill team and liking it a whole lot.  It is definitely a worthy buy if you have not done so and is a great way to get a 40k fix without spending a whole night just to get one game in.  I took on my brother this weekend against his new necrons, as kill team is about as big as he can go right now.  He brought a Wraith, 5 Warriors and 5 Immortals I believe.  That's all I can count in the pics you'll soon see and I don't remember his exact list.  His wraith had the whips that make you initiative 1 and the immortals had tesla's.  Fair warning I got my ass handed to me by my bro and the dice gods :(.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Gaming Update: Thoughts on Tyranids

So got some gaming in this weekend, finally.  I forgot to take pics of it so sorry.  I played my brother with a mech IG army vs his Soul drinkers/DA.  Its the first time in a while I have gone mech heavy so wanted to test a few things out.  Also observed a 'Nids vs Deamons battle which was very interesting and definitely confirmed some of my thoughts on nids.  My game went well, though we forgot the SM rules and no one had any at the shop, so ended up making a rule error, but my brother agreed if I was right I would win.  I whined more then I should, its a pet peeve to when someone forgets the rules, but we both forgot to double check before leaving so can't blame him alone.  More on the game later, first I really want to talk about the nids.