Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Imperial Knights and Hobby News

Finally back, life has been busy and along with work I have been swamped.  Sadly no games, plans to get some on Sat fell through and things really have been busy.  Part of my slump is also with IG coming in the near future, its hard to think of things when I am still on the look out and thinking about the possibilities of the new codex, versus using the old/current one.  I will try and put out more tactics though, even though the codex is pretty much covered at this point.  I am however very excited about Imperial Knights and really can't wait for them to come.

While I love the IG, the Adept Mech has always tickled my fancy as well and if FW continues with their pace of Ad Mech models I may soon sell out and bankrupt myself.  I have long wanted to do a Tech guard army and other fun Ad Mech units.  Which brings me to Knights.  I love them, even though they are only in a few things, I really find them to be awesome.  For me I loved the parts in Mechanicum of the HH series where the knights play center stage.  I just love the idea of these mini titans, unstoppable little bad asses.

So you can bet your ass I will be getting one or three when they come out.  I know many codex purists won't like them, and to be honest they won't likely become a staple of my lists as well, but they are cool and I like having an answer to those dirty Xenos walkers :p.

Now I don't think they will be super heavies, or at least I hope not.  One I don't think its needed, but who knows with GW.  With an armor profile similar to a Leman russ and a walker, I don't think that would be bad at all, throw in a void shield, some awesome guns, and a few special rules and there you have it.

Based of of Epic, there are many classes of Knights, ranging from fast CC units to long range firepower based ones.  I really hope the full breadth of the Knights are brought with the release and it isn't just a couple of the same knights that you can bring.  I also hope that this may signal more Ad Mech in the future and maybe even a small army release.  I seriously doubt it and will probably have to be content with FW.

Ok I am hoping to get some more time again to pick this blogging back up, sometimes a small break is needed and if I can get some painting and games in I will prob get back in the motions.  Its really hard with no real 40K being released or being talked about, so its a slump.  Oh and disappointed but not surprised the Deathwatch release was only an ebook anthology and not a dataslate.  I was hoping for a lot but really wasn't expecting it so not too disappointed, one can still hope though. 

Anyways.  Have a good week, hope you all had a good weekend and stay tuned for more.



  1. I agree you have the codex pretty well covered, but what about Chimeras? I'd certainly appreciate any words of wisdom on their use. Already have three myself and I'm just getting started.

    If the Knight rumour turns out to be false, I'm going to have to scratchbuild one I think. Too hyped up for it now to turn back.

    1. http://dreamforge-games.com/collections/leviathans

      They have a 28mm one (thats warhound size) and a 15mm but not sure how much smaller it is. I really like these models, they arent expensive and you have heaps of weapons options. You may not have to scratch build one, just throwing it out there :)

    2. That they do, and they are sweet looking. though my personal favorite of dreamforge is their Storm troopers, just awesome looking.

      I can certianly do something on Chimera's, will work that in the near future