Saturday, August 23, 2014

Assassins Dataslate Review

Alright, time to review the assassins!  First off, they are an army of the Imperium and have all the same ally rules that those follow (BBs, Allies of Convenience, etc).  The dataslate can be used in two ways, either you can take one assassin as an ally, or you can take the assassinorum execution force formation, which consists of one of each assassin.  Either case, there is the operation assassinate special rule, which in a game where you are playing victory points, you get an additional victory point if  your opponents warlord is removed as a casualty as a result of wound/s caused by an assassin.  The execution force also has preferred enemy (warlord), which is a decent little boost.  I like it, its fluffy and useful and steers you toward using them in actually trying to assassinate a target, but is in no way over powered.  Its just enough to help you out, but only helps if you really use them while headhunting.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Assassins are Here!

So the assassins are on the loose now!  I would also like to clarify that they are not their own codex, just a dataslate with a few different ways you can play them.  Its a minor difference but an important one, call it a codex and people expect more, a data slate and a few units are more acceptable.  Personally I like this move and all the crybabies can suck it. 

I have been reading through it so don't have in depth analysis yet, but basically there are two ways you can use assassins.  You can ally one in, and only one.   They count as Armies of the Imperium and have all the same ally restrictions and availabilities.  Or you can take the formation, which is one of each assassin.  Each gives you a bonus of an extra VP if your assassin kills your enemies warlord, neat little trick that is not too powerful but encourages fluffy play.

From a quick look through, all four seem to be playable, and the cullexes (anti-psker) is down right mean to psykers and will break psychic stars.  The eversor is still a meat grinder and a great choice.  The vindcare is good, minor tweaks but a solid sniper.  The callidus is a little quirky but has some nice boons that makes it worth bringing. 

All in all I am happy, now I just need to start modeling these guys up!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Silly Idea With Astra Militarum and Wolves

As I have been continuing to mull over the Space Vikings codex and some ways to incorporate it into the IG army, I came across an interesting idea, its a bit silly really.  The flavor of the week right now is taking those wonderful non dedicated drop pods in the SW and using it in their own armies.  To be hip and up with the cool kids, I have one of my own to add.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Astra Militarum Tactics: Hellhounds

Next on the list is the hell hound and its variants.  I have liked the tanks over the years, being one of the classic imperial guard vehicles.  Last codex, lets be honest, vendettas ruled fast attack so hell hounds were not seen so much.  Not because they were bad mind you, but the other option was just better.  Now though they are better, being able to score.  Yes I know I keep repeating it, but its important to remember when comparing between the flyers as they can't score (unless they drop into hover) and something to consider when deciding what to bring.  The other great thing is that they can move 12" and fire two weapons at full BS, so really there is little reason to not move them around.  Over all they are probably one of the more solid fast attack choices we have that are at a good price for their utility.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Astra Militarum Tactics: Sentinels

Back to some tactics finally!  Well work has been busy lately and closing on the house has taken plenty of time, luckily getting the keys this week and then begin the moving process.  So hopefully next month I'll be back to blogging more, so bear with me.  Today I want to talk about sentinels.  I have always like the models for them, and in the current codex and edition, they are quite good and a solid choice if you want to bring them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Space Wolves and Astra Militarum

The wolves are on the loose!  First, I really like the codex, its good, not overpowered with enough balance to keep different builds viable, though their are certainly some better units.  As IG, I have always liked the wolves as an ally and more so than ever they make a great choice.  There are some ideas I have been mulling around that I think can really supplement IG armies.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grey Knights and Assassins

In a mistake by GW, the GK codex was released in the digital version of the space wolves.  The army builder had the GK unit options instead of SWs, so its pretty clear that these guys are coming soon.  With that some more rumors have come out that have made me excited.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wolves Almost Here

Just a quick post.  Space Wolves are almost here and I am excited.  They are looking very good and had some of their weakness fixed with very few nerfs, if any.  Dreadnoughts are looking to be good, if not super powerful.  Which I like, I wish dreadnoughts were better in 40k, but the wolves may have just gotten some of the best ones. 

Love that sky claws and swift claws can get wolf guard character upgrades finally.  Thunderwolves are better, blah, I think they are stupid, but hey they are effective.  Santa Claws sleigh looks stupidly awesome, don't get me wrong the sled is pretty eh, but the rules ain't bad and its perfectly ripe for a conversion opportunity.

All in all the wolves are getting some great flyers, good dreadnoughts, still have some of the best troops in the game, and their psykers are good, if not as super powerful as before, and yes I'm looking at you jaws. 

Wolves are probably my favorite ally for IG and will be an amazing contender in the future.  If you are IG and looking for an ally option, SW is a great answer.  Can't wait to see more, but this looks to be very good.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

GW's New Strategy

I want to talk about today the shift in how GW has been trying to sell to us and the changes since 7th came out.  Honestly I really Like where they are going and I think they are on the right track.  They have done a couple of different things since 7th that are slight but important changes, and importantly bring more value to the game.  Is it perfect, no.  But its better.