Thursday, January 30, 2014

Imperial Guard Hobby: Guest Army of Nod

So today had some pics sent in from one a guest and follower, Maj Neese.  He sent in pics of his pretty sweet Brotherhood of Nod themed IG army.  I am a long CnC fan and though I have been GDI all the way, this is still a pretty sweet army.  Has lot of great detail especially with the green and tiberium crystals all over the place.  There are a lot of great conversions and I especially like the land speeder storm turned scout car.  The Nod saucer is also pretty awesome.  The army looks great with all the green popping out.  I like it and the command squad with all the Nod heroes is pretty sweet.  Here is the big look at the army:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hobby & Gaming Update: Kill Team & Deathwatch

Last few weeks I really have had a hard time getting normal games of 40k in.  Life is busy and things keep getting in the way.  Painting and hobby stuff in general have been at a similar standstill.  I am in a rut and I have a stacking pile of stuff to paint and model.  Blah.  But I have been able to get some kill team in.  It is a fun game and I am more and more inclined to play it over big games.  Its just easy to organize and do small games when your time is limited.  Plus I can play at home and it doesn't take the space that normal games do.  What I want to do is make an IG kill team, but I am waiting for the new kits and rules before going into that, I certainly don't want to make something that I will not be able to use.  I have used harker and he can rock it when used right.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Imperial Guard Rumors: New Name & New Date

Ok so some new rumors have finally broke and they are kind dumb (see above).  Here are the links for Faeit and BoLS.  Ok so the Imperial Guard are rumored to be getting a new name, the Astra Militarium.  I will be blunt, its a stupid name and I will not be happy if it comes to pass.  I would like to note it is not because I don't want the IG to be renamed (well I don't), but because the name is dumb and it has no reference to the fluff whatsoever.  Now if they renamed the IG to Departmento Munitorum, that I could get behind, 'cause you know what, that is the IG's technical name within the Administratum, the giant organization the oversees the running of the Imperium's government and defense.  So rather than go with a name that already exists within the fluff and is unique enough for Trademark (as thats the real issue), they pull something like this and give us the Strategic Star, oh boy, sounds like a GD cereal for the army, I sure can't wait to get me some Strategic Stars -_- .

Friday, January 24, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: The Other HQs

The Imperial Guard (Astra Militarium if the rumors are true) has many HQs but there are a few that exist outside of the FoC.  The ones I am speaking of are the Ministorum Priests and Techpriest Engineseers.  They are in the HQ section but do not take up a slot and you have to still take a mandatory HQ choice other than them.  They have a lot of fluff background but are rarely seen in recent years.  Neither really are that bad, just not efficient or good enough to really warrant taking unless you really want to.  My big home is that the next codex will make them far more useful.

Thoughts on List Tailoring

With everything being about tyranids and having done a bunch of tactics articles, I want to talk about something else.  So lets talk about List Tailoring.  First off what is list tailoring?  Well there are a couple of definitions or ways you can look at it.  The first and most common way of looking at it is someone building his army to directly counter another opponents army specifically or army in general.  This being when some builds his list to counter tyranids, or to specifically counter what his buddy brings with his tyranids.  The other is when you tailor your list to meet certain threats in your area and meta.  Now I know list tailoring has a bad rep, and TAC lists are raised up as the goal to strive for.  But lets be honest, we all list tailor to some degree or another, very few can honestly say they make an army in complete absence of thought to the opponents they will be facing. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Hydra Flak Tank

The last choice in the heavy support section is the Hydra Flak Tank.  Its another of the current FW models, but of the others it is prob the easiest to convert as long as you get your hands on a quad gun and some sort of chimera based huller, really any will do.  I have used a manticore hull and like the look, but could be better.  This guy is pretty straight forward, he shoots aircraft to make them groundcraft.  Same basic chimera profile with AV 12 10 10 and has a heavy bolter, smoke launchers and two twin linked Hydra autocannons.  You can take them in a squadron and they cost the same as a griffon (read cheap).  Though they are overshadowed by the other choices you have in heavy support, a case can be made that these are still a strong choice.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Artillery PT 2

For part II I will be finishing off the IG artillery.  This will be about the Manticore and the Deathstrike missile launchers.  These were the new kits that were added when the codex came out, and one definitely has seen more use than the other.  While the deathstrike is cool from a fluffy sense, its far too unreliable to be relied upon in regular games and expensive for a one shot weapon.  That being said it is fun to use and great for Apoc or large 40k games where there is enough that it can reliably be used and isn't such a screaming target.  The manticore has made its way into one of the mainstay's of the IG artillery and it's not hard to see why.  It can have up to 3 large blasts a shot and it has high strength and is decently priced.  I really like the manticore and its a great unit if you are looking to add cost effective fire power and don't want to go all in with an ordnance battery.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Artillery the Big Guns!

Today gentlemen we will be starting the coverage of the Imperial Guard artillery, and as they say "infantry win firefights, tanks win battles, artillery win wars." First up today will be the Ordnance Battery and all the variants it can take.  Later on I will cover some of the other artillery in another post.  As a long time guard player I have had a few basilisks in my army and they have always been one of the bread and butter units for the IG.  When this codex came out, I was wonderfully surprised to see all the different artillery variants that came in the codex, it was great to see more options in the heavy support other than leman russ or basilisk.  This is not to say the old units don't have a use, but having all the choices is amazing.  Recently I have taken to using MoOs to make up for artillery as I run an almost entirely infantry army, but that is mostly a fluff choice not a this/that is better one. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tyranids: The Problem With the New Codex is It's Not the Old Codex

So its a week in and if you live under a rock then you prob are not aware that the world is ending and Tyranids are horrible forever and GW is mean and gave them poo.  Here's the thing though, the new codex is more than decent, its just not the Old Codex.  If you watch most battle reports and what people are playing (before the nerd rage ensues) is essentially tweaked lists of the Old codex, minus Doom since he is gone so he is just replaced by other things.  So you are wondering why you are losing?  Hmm maybe because GWs wrote the codex to bring the army more along the lines of what it is in the fluff (Lots of bugs, Big or Small) not a couple tervigons and a couple of Flyrants *sprinkle favorite seasoning*.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Psykers

Moving right along now, today lets talk about psykers.  So this is not going to be about any one unit but will go over the two main choices in the IG codex and will also briefly cover the allied contenders as well as they are worth mentioning.  The IG currently have two choices for psykers and I will say I was very happy when this edition dropped and the IG finally go good psykers.  For long time players I am sure you will remember the dismal worthlessness of the past incarnation of Psykers.  Now the Primaris is your HQ and the Battle Squad is an elite, and to be honest the primaris didn't really become too useful till 6th.  He was ok in 5th but his basic powers were only meh, but with the ability to draw from the BRB, especially telepathy, he has become a decent contender to bring.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hello everyone, today this blog has reached a milestone, hopefully first among many.  In the last 4 months since this blog has been going, it has now reached 50,000 views!  Thank you all of you that visit and comment and contribute to this hobby and the imperial guard.  This year is looking to be a good one and hopefully with the new codex we will be setting some more milestones.  More tactics articles will continue and as time goes on and get through the basics, more advanced articles will follow.  Stay tuned, keep commenting, and thank you again.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Ogryns

So I am trying to get through the IG codex here before the new one drops, after looking over what i have covered, things are looking good.  The troops and fast attack section is done, elites is only missing a few, same with HQ.  The only big one left will be heavy support, but that's ok I will get to it.  Today though will be a short one on Ogryns.  Ok first off, the only reason you are taking these guys is because you absolutely love them, not because of their utility.  The main reason is that they cost way too much.  For the cost of three Ogryns you could get a basic platoon, thats 25 guardsmen to 3 Ogryns.  So yeah....bit of a points difference.  Ogryns cost as much as a terminator, because to hell with it, they look tough so why not.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Commissars

Ok so continuing on through the Imperial Guard codex and the time has come to cover the Iconic characters of the imperial guard: The Commissars.  These guys are the backbone keeping the flabby meat that is the guardsmen in line and moving towards the front.  Many are the tales of heroes of IG Commissars holding the line and driving back the alien and heretic hordes.  I love the fluff of these guys and they really give the IG a flavor that they would lack, a certain grimdarkness if you will :).  Anyways lets get on to the meaty bits.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kill Team Batrep: Imperial Guard vs Space Marines

Got in another game of kill team last night and again had a lot of fun.  My buddy brought his space marines and I brought my storm troopers, just to see how they would do.  I had a theory that since I could give them all infiltrate, it would make a huge difference for STs in Kill Team.  They are expensive though so I only ended up with 10 of them at my 200pts.  Sgt had a power sword, had one plasma gun an done melta gun ant that was it.  The sgt was my warlord and got the trait with a  4+ seize, I gave the plasma gunner preferred enemy, master crafted the melta gun, and made one troopers shooting attacks poison.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: The Hellhounds

So while I am on this fast attack kick, might as well finish off the section.  You can find my articles on the horsies, sentinels, and valkyries here.  The Fast Attack section of the IG has gotten really good over the years and currently there is only one unit that is sub par.  You actually have 4 solid choices (both sentinels) and it really is up to what you like to play.  Don't let anyone say that the only FA worth taking is a vendetta.  This is blatantly not true and since every choice is either a squadron or a squad, you can take a large number of vehicles and still have room.  This is where the hellhounds come in.  This probably one of my old favorites and I have long used the flame tanks to burn the emperor's enemies.  Now with the current codex there is two more variants that add significant firepower and flexibility.  The added boost of being squadrons meaning you can take nine of the suckers if your really want to :).

Imperial Guard Codex: What do You Want?

So today I want to here what you all think.  The new codex is coming and I want to know: What do you want to see & What do you think we will see?  Two very different questions.  I myself want to see some points reductions on certain units like Storm Troopers and Ogryns and Armored Sentinels and probably Commissars.  Doctrines need a little reduction by a few points and so do sponson weapons, for whatever reason we have some of the most expensive ones.   And Special characters, they are really expensive in most cases for what you get, especially since most are upgrades so you are also paying for the model you didn't bring

Now there is more than just playing with points.  I really would like to see sentinels get some rules or options boost, they lack a little edge to them and this can be seen when compared to other walkers.  The other one that needs some tending to is the Leman Russ, it has some issues with being just heavy and needs a few tweaks.  Its not bad as is, but it lacks an edge when compared to other MBTs.  Also speaking of vehicles, squadron special rules or upgrades would be an amazing thing.  A one use ability or wargear option to give the group that little edge, since IG have squadrons across the board, this would encourage squadrons being taken over single models.  Orders could use some tweaking and I would love to see more special orders, I am also excited to see how they treat IG "relics", hopefully have some special vox caster and other buff wargear.  I really hope for updates to standards, the regimental one is ok, but there is no reason to take the platoon one (How many times has one wound for your PCS really made the difference).  I WANT A SALAMANDER!!!! 

Now what will we get? Most likely orders will be changed to some degree and SCs will get reworked but probably not much based on how the SM codex turned out.  A salamander is not looking too likely, as GW is into bigger things right now.  A new flyer is rumored to be coming (we needed one?), one that will be meh and overcosted so we will stick with vendettas like we always have.  Some sort of CTs for different regiments is highly likely and maybe a reworking of the old doctrine system into this (Oh please god let me be able to make my own).  Otherwise I don't see a huge revolutionary codex coming, more of a points and rules tweak to bring in line with 6th and a large plastic line based on recent releases and the new models getting put out. 

So what do you want?  What do you think will actually happen?  My ears are open


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Sentinel

Ok I would like to take a moment and talk about something that is not so often seen but is still a part of the imperial guard.  That is the humble sentinel.  Having recently brought them out for kill team I have had a good refresher on them and it reminded me why they are still a good choice to bring, even if their are other units that put them in the shadow.   When compare to other walkers, sentinels are in the shoot stuff category like eldar war walkers and not so much the stompy category that dreadnaughts inhabit.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tyranids: Why You Crying?

Tyranids are a few days away from being released but some rumors have leaked on the new codex and the crying has started.  Granted the changes to the nids don't seem revolutionary, but they are just rumors and until the whole codex is in hand its hard to be so sure on how the changes work.  But of course minds are made up and just go vist BoLS to see the dismay and outrage.  Its quite funny actually.  Here's the thing though, this is pretty much the same reaction every codex has had, then it comes out, things get figured out and everyone is happy.  The reason people get so upset is that they have their own assumptions and preconceived notions of how the codex should be.  So when those are not met, then the world ends.  Look we all have our ideas of how each army should be and how it should function, when that isn't vindicated, then people get upset.  Instead, anticipate changes and get ahead of the curve, figure out how to use the new rules instead of bemoaning the fact that GW didn't have their psychic hat on when you were thinking about what you wanted in the new codex.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Imperial Guard & Kill Team

This weekend my buddy came over and we got some game time in (after the usual geeking out time of talking about awesome stuff) and he was the good friend and brought kill Team with him.  Now I apologize for no pictures but my internet is acting wonky and can't get any to load at the moment, I will add a few later.  Well actually I forgot to take pictures during the game, so I will try and recreate.  The short of it is that Kill Team is huge fun and if you are on the fence on whether to get, go for it, I will be picking it up shortly.  Its a really good rule set and is just ripe for house/gentlemen rulings.  The nice thing is some of your less taken units can be quite useful in this small setting.  The IG have a pretty good time in Kill Team with access to more than a few vehicles and as always Platoons can give you a lot of fun.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Imperial Guard Pushfit Models: You Asked For It

So the most recent rumor to have come out is that the new Steel legion and some other IG infantry are going to be pushfit a la Chaos Cultists.  Before you start whining, I would like to remind everyone that this is exactly what everyone has been asking GW for.  Oh no you may say, I never asked for push fit models.  But you did, you see everyone has been complaining and griping about the cost of models, finecast, and how overpriced in general GW is (Those mean people trying to run a business).  So shockingly they have listened, since a company relies on its customers to stay in business.  So they are making the changes you have asked for.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Changes for The Leman Russ

So this is fresh off of Faeit's presses.  Short of it is that the Leman Russ should be getting some significant updates.  Now part of the rumor is about 7th, but I am of the opinion that 7th is a ways away and people are misreading a consolidated rule update/limited release for a new edition.  But regarding the Leman Russ, it looks like it will be getting some significant buffs to its toughness, more than just getting an extra hull point.

Thoughts on Special Characters and the Next Imperial Guard Codex

With the next Imperial Guard Codex coming up soon, I want to talk about what that is going to mean for you and how you are going to play.  Now we have very little in the way of rumors of how the rules for the army itself are going to work out, but we do have GW itself as a guide to give some pretty good guesses.  So what has GW done so far in 6th and how does that help us see what is in store for the IG?  Well the best way I can put it is that GW has put the fluff into rules, look at the Tau with their new special rules and equipment.  Eldar have battle focus and other ways the army works that allow for fluffy builds.  Daemons got randomness with their randomness.  So what does that mean for IG, and importantly, our special characters?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year: The Nids are Coming

Happy New Year, The Tyranids are here....Oh Wait...
Happy new year everyone.  I hope you all had a good time and celebrated with whoever you enjoy doing such things.  The Tyranid release is rapidly approaching and if you are not aware you should head on over to Faeit here to check them out.  Also IG rumors are popping up, the latest and greatest is here.  More and more is coming up about the Steel Legion, which is getting me excited :).

The Tyranid beasties are looking nice and mean, but it will really be interesting to see how the whole codex comes together.  As far as IG, I really don't want a new large tank, there are plenty already.  I want a salamander.  As for a brand new flyer, I feel the same.  Why GW, the vulture is a a great model to make in plastic and would be a good counter point to the valkyrie/vendetta.  We will see but most likely they will just pull something out of their ass and call it good.

As requested here are some pics of the fortifications

As you can see you can fit quite a lot in these trenches, but note that heavy weapons only fit in the defense emplacement sections, so that is something to really think about in what your can fit.  But you can easily fit a small platoon in one of these.  Having stubborn is also great as it frees up your inquisitor or whatever you are taking to go somewhere where he is most needed.  Now you can buy obstacles for this, placing some tanglewire in front gives you a nice bubble of dangerous terrain that your opponent will have to get through to get you.

That is really it for now.  Happy new year and don't worry, more is to come. I'm keeping my ear out on rumors and as the month goes on expect to get some solid ideas on the new IG.