Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hobby & Gaming Update: Kill Team & Deathwatch

Last few weeks I really have had a hard time getting normal games of 40k in.  Life is busy and things keep getting in the way.  Painting and hobby stuff in general have been at a similar standstill.  I am in a rut and I have a stacking pile of stuff to paint and model.  Blah.  But I have been able to get some kill team in.  It is a fun game and I am more and more inclined to play it over big games.  Its just easy to organize and do small games when your time is limited.  Plus I can play at home and it doesn't take the space that normal games do.  What I want to do is make an IG kill team, but I am waiting for the new kits and rules before going into that, I certainly don't want to make something that I will not be able to use.  I have used harker and he can rock it when used right.

My brother has started his necron collection and only has a few things, but he brought his stuff and we played a few games.  I played one game with my vet harker squad and he brought a ghost ark and 6 warriors.  Now GW perturbs me with this, as the ghost ark as is makes it under the 33 AV limit for Kill Team, but it has quantum shielding which add 2 to its AV front and side, bringing it to AV 13 front and side, which tops over the 33 limit.  So we called GW to see what the answer would be, me thinking they would make sense and just say you can use the vehicle but not quantum shielding.  Nope all legal, so you can't have AV33, except when you can. 

Now I was a little miffed but oh well.  First game I went with haywire on a lasgun and as many other anti-tank upgrades I could go with.  Now the haywire lasgun died to some bad rolling even with night fight and good cover.  Oh well.  My missile launcher failed to breach the AV13.  I ended up getting lucky, my brother jumped up just close enough for Harker and the rest of the infantry to make a charge and pop it with krak grenades.  Now we made a gentle men's ruling previously that you can only use one grenade type per turn.  Ie one frag and one krak per shooting phase so someone can't just jump up and throw 15 grenades on someone and have portable artillery.  So we decided that the quantum shielding voided that gentle men's agreement and that you can use as many as you liked against it. 

I will say, once the damn thing is popped its not hard at all to kill 6 warriors.  I got lucky and only lost one guy in the explosion (we forgot about opened topped as i rolled a 5 on the pen, I don't know necrons that well, and redid it a turn later).  We made some mistakes on Necrons on their leadership, but in the end once the thing dies the warriors are easy.  It has the potential for abuse as it can just float around and shoot everything with little worry.  So if you are playing necrons in kill team you can house rule it or just tell him that if he is bringing one you are adjusting your list to deal with AV13.  You have to know you are facing it.  Any rapid units with krak grenades or high S attacks can take this out but it is a pain.  But I am on the fence if it is enough of one to house rule it.  Its expensive and once its gone its easy peasy.

The other game I brought a melta vet squad in a Chimera.  I was way too aggressive and should have stayed back, and I also went momentarily insane and brought a HK missile instead of another melta gun.   Yeah I was dumb, it missed.  The Chimera died first turn, my guys tried to chase the damn ark around, I got lucky.  He dropped it just in range of my melta gun, literally at 12".  I got a hit, rolled a 6 for a pen, and then got explodes.  He didn't save it.  After that I mopped up the warriors.  He also was rolling horribly for wounding and he could just not kill my guys.

It was fun and I want to try out new things.  Now what is coming up soon is Deathwatch :).  Its on the slate to be released in the nest 2 weeks.  Yes I will be taking this and making my kill team deathwatch squad.  This I have always wanted.  So hopefully this will be a cool data slate and then I can make my Deathwatch kill team and have some fun games with them.  It will most likely be just sternguard with slightly different wargear, maybe scouts, and some rules.  I will probably be picking this up and having some fun with this.   I know a lot do not like dataslates.  I do, I like them and I like what they allow. 

No real word on what this is going to be and it may well be just a novel and not a rules, as deathwatch has popped up on more than a few rumors since Nov.  I hope its coming out and really want to have deathwatch.  I am a huge fan of the Ordos Xenos, sorry never been much of a demon hunter.  So finally having the Ordos militant of the Xenos will be cool as hell and I will probably be building my Xenos task force. 

I really hope I get out of this rut, as I have a large pile of fortifications and some models as well to paint, and I have a bunch of psykers on the way.  Either way I am kind of content just getting a few small games in and slowly crunching through painting until the codex comes out.  I have yet to face the new nids so nothing to report there.  I think they are better than advertised, people are not thinking outside of the old toolbox and its limiting them.  Hope you are all having a good week, this is a rambling post but I was in the need of doing a 40k brain dump :).


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