Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year: The Nids are Coming

Happy New Year, The Tyranids are here....Oh Wait...
Happy new year everyone.  I hope you all had a good time and celebrated with whoever you enjoy doing such things.  The Tyranid release is rapidly approaching and if you are not aware you should head on over to Faeit here to check them out.  Also IG rumors are popping up, the latest and greatest is here.  More and more is coming up about the Steel Legion, which is getting me excited :).

The Tyranid beasties are looking nice and mean, but it will really be interesting to see how the whole codex comes together.  As far as IG, I really don't want a new large tank, there are plenty already.  I want a salamander.  As for a brand new flyer, I feel the same.  Why GW, the vulture is a a great model to make in plastic and would be a good counter point to the valkyrie/vendetta.  We will see but most likely they will just pull something out of their ass and call it good.

As requested here are some pics of the fortifications

As you can see you can fit quite a lot in these trenches, but note that heavy weapons only fit in the defense emplacement sections, so that is something to really think about in what your can fit.  But you can easily fit a small platoon in one of these.  Having stubborn is also great as it frees up your inquisitor or whatever you are taking to go somewhere where he is most needed.  Now you can buy obstacles for this, placing some tanglewire in front gives you a nice bubble of dangerous terrain that your opponent will have to get through to get you.

That is really it for now.  Happy new year and don't worry, more is to come. I'm keeping my ear out on rumors and as the month goes on expect to get some solid ideas on the new IG.



  1. Trenches look good, its a shame about the HW teams though, although having cheated slightly and put all mine on single bases (didn't have enough large ones) I could fit them.

    I know it will be a shame if they don't use the vulture and give us some rubbish instead. I'm not sure on the new tank rumours though, sounds like a Baneblade, would much rather a slightly up scale Russ with a power to all weapons type rule.

    Vet boxes sound good though, although it best be cheaper if its only going to have 5 models in and they best do a Catachan version or I won't be a happy bunny!

    1. You can fit a lot of your heavy weapons teams on the Termie base. Its legal as they only have to be on one base and it reduces their overall size. If you use the other wall section as shown above you can fit heavy weapons.

      I really hope its just a redone vulture, its one of my favorite models and has good rules. To be honest I just want redone rule for the leman russ that make sense. A bigger tank is meh, I would rather have all the artillery kits and a new chimera variant like the salamander.

      It looks like they will be a general veteran box, have pieces that will work for multiple regiments.

  2. That's my hope, but well see what happens. I still think its going to be some new crappy flier. I'll have to re-base the HW teams at some point but no one seems to mind at my groups.

    1. I've rarely found anyone that really cares about the bases that much so its usually not a big deal.