Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Militarum Tempestus Rumors & Pics

Big rumors have broken for IG, more specifically on the Tempestus.  The full line up of pics are here and here. I am really liking the new models more and more, they just look cool.  I like that they are not just a redo of the old models either, they have nods to older models but they look different and are not a rehash of the old.  The weapons look awesome and I am really excited to see the full stats on them, especially the hot shot volley gun.  What also is cool is a laspistol chain blade!!!

Cool pics aside, the models look good and point to a solid release for STs.  The more I see the Taurox, the more I am liking it.  I still will most likely be taking those tracks off though, but the rest of the model is looking good.  There is a pic in the link of one in more traditional colors, and I will say it looks a lot better, the teal color they chose to use is god awful IMO and the model looks much better in a different color. 

On to some rules.  Stats for STs look unchanged, though full stat line was not released, but basics of WS3 BS4 S3 T3.  Nothing on Hot shot lasguns, but the volley gun is S4 AP3 Salvo 2/4.  This I like, if it is a reasonable upgrade price then this may be the gun my STs are armed with.  There is also an Overcharged Lasgun, no leaks yet on what that will be.  It is really looking like the STs are getting some serious love.  Points wise they are getting a drop, looking to be marine price range.  I wish it was a little more, but that is enough of a decrease to make a difference.  Depending on overall rule changes, Storm Troopers should be making a solid comeback.  I am really happy about this.

Now the Taurox is not what I expected, but I kinda like what they are doing with it.  Its looking to be 10-15 pts more than a rhino with AV11 10 10 and is fast.  It has the Volley gun and an auto cannon(TL?).  Now it is not clear whether the upgrade weapons are for both the Taurox and prime, but the prime can take a T Battle Cannon (S7 AP4 Blast/Large?), 2 shot missile launcher, and Gatling cannon (S4 Heavy 10). 

I'm liking this, no word on prices for upgrades but expect a fully upgraded Taurox to be more than a chimera or very close in price.  So really it comes down to what you want, The Taurox looks like a good cheaper alternative the chimera that is faster and can put out more firepower at the cost of front armor.  So you can go with Chimera if you are looking for higher front AV, but at the cost of less firepower.  The Taurox is looking to only take 10 models, so you'll have the Chimera to carry more, plus its looking to have more shots out of the hatch than the Taurox.  So I don't see it replacing the Chimera, but I see it having a place in a much more mobile army that wants to get in your opponents face fast.  Combined with STs and possible Ogryns, this seems the choice they will fill, not replacing Chimeras but supplementing them. 

I also like the cheap access to fire power.  Though initially seemed that it would get a straight battle cannon, I still like that T battle cannon, basically a blast autocannon with one, maybe two shots (not clear yet).  There is an option to drop the volley gun for a TL autocannon as well.  So what you have is a highly mobile transport with pretty decent firepower.  Its weaker than a chimera and can't carry as much, it won't replace it but will add to your army.  If you are not looking to take heavy armor, this is a great option and will synergize really well with hellhounds, both being able to keep up with each other and put out firepower. 

The Tempestus command squad is basically a platoon command squad, officer gets one order and can take the standard upgrades (medic, standard, vox), plus the new weapon options.  Here is your ST command squad!  Yes I can finally do my ST army and have actual storm trooper commanders leading them rather than count asing them.  I really like this, as I have said a lot in this post.  This is looking to be a really good release, regardless whether its in the Tempestus or Astra Militarum book or both.  I will honestly be picking this book up, if you love STs as much as I do, you'll probably be doing the same.  Now I will do a review, so if you want to wait to see, have no worries I'll post my thoughts on it as soon as I can get my hands on one :).

Just to be clear, this is all rumors on the Tempestus book specifically, so some may not make it into the main IG book, but expect the main STs to make and the Taurox, but the command squad may not.  The Prime may be Tempestus only, but its not clear what all the upgrades are and whether they are for the Prime only.  Either way I don't really see it as an issue, its not going to be such an awesome vehicle that you are going to miss it over your chimeras, though both will have their uses.

More leaks on Tempestus can be found here and here.  Tempestus can be taken as platoons and the medic upgrade is 15 pts cheaper from the current one, this goes a long way to making that a possible upgrade.  Has full rules for the Taurox, the prime is looking to be the better choice in my opinion.

A lot had broken and hopefully more keep on coming.  The IG is looking to be good!
Also if you are looking for some fluff reading check out my Imperial Guard history posts for Armageddon and Cadia.



  1. Yeah yeah... see http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2014/03/ig-week-1-rules-pics-taurox-scions.html for point cost and prices. Speaking of - what is your opinion on 5 scion models being priced at 35 (thirty five!) bucks?

    And are you okay with the Taurox (looks aside) armor of 11/10/10 (for 50 pts by the way)? Hell, even my Grey Knight Storm Bolters can kill that thing easily. If this is new "black" for guard, I'll switch back to GK fancy space puppets and Big guns _will_ tire. -> Sad face :(

    - bestfriendtabitha

    1. For me is 35 bucks OK. Those models are gorgeous. Not only because I love the style, but its lot of details and from all the head I guess there is a lot of sprue bits for tailoring your unit.

    2. $35 bucks is not bad at all, look at 5 dire avengers for $50. its ten more than the current command squad but has so much more in it. I think its a fine price for it. You have awasome models and all the weapon options, so you are getting those 10 more dollars over the old command squad. The sculpts look great and the faces look amazing, you are getting what you pay for here and its not a bad price at all.

      I am, you get fast and it gets a free dozer blade essentially, look at what a Chimera will cost with that upgrade and combined with its weapons its not so bad. Its something you are not going to try and keep alive, its a highly mobile assault vehicle and has options for cheap firepower compared to hellhounds and leman russes. Realistically a chimera is easy to kill as well, get a side shot on it is not hard at all, so your not losing a whole lot, plus I love autocannons and getting one standard with good weapon upgrades is not bad. One or two can be useful, as well as a whole phalanx of them that are going to be hard to neutralize with so many, plus use hellhounds to cover your front and flanks and you make up for lack of armor, they can obscure it enough to give you cover and they can support each other. I see a combined force of Taurox and hellhound variants going together like PBJ.

    3. IF it is fast... ok, fast is good. But it's still an ugly looking paper van. Big And....: You don't want to get in your opponents face early on, orks maybe, but tiny humans, no (except ogryns maybe, we'll see). But yeah you can hit the pedal with your ork-trukk-look-a-like, hope for night fight and unload your squishy soldiers into some ruins where they have a tiny chance to survive the following 4+ rounds.

      As a late game objective grabber you have to keep his half-trak-ugliness in reserve (goodbye early vendetta / astropath) or hide it on the battlefield - alongside your artillery). Good luck with that.

      Rhinos where (and are) still great. Main difference: 15 pts less and T4 models inside. Being fast won't save you from being killed easily. Grunts with T3 and testing on LD 7 (maybe 8) means a lot of dead guys, good chances of failing moral & running troops and an easy first blood for your opponent.


    4. I disagree, guard is great in close in my experience. You have to mass your fire power though, unlike marines one squad isn't going to do much, 4 squads with orders and special weapons supported by the vehicles own shooting will do well, they can isolate sections of the board and focus on smaller units. Assault and CC are not the same thing.

      This also changes when you throw STs in one with AP3 weapons as standard plus whatever new gear they have access too, coupled with possible orders and other support weapons, in numbers they can deal with any threat. Taurox give you mobility to mass your forces where you need it rapidly and still fire across the field. Is it amazing? no. But it is hardly bad either.

    5. If people actually remove their fanboy blinkers- this isn't all that.

      I, like many, have been waiting for the IG to get a decent makeover for a long time and can honestly say I am underwhelmed by what we have seen.

      Bullgryn look a joke, complete with cartoon character WWF wrestling heads- I at least wanted them to look they were part of the Imperial Guard instead of ridiculous wrestlers with stupid armour, carrying metal doors, oh, and don't forget the mock biker boots wornby 'metal-posers everywhere'.

      The taurox! Well - the only vehicle to out do that ridiculous chaos vehicle for worse ever GW vehicle.
      It looks like an eight year old's design project that was completed during a lunch break.

      It does not in any way shape or form look like a. 1). A serious fighting vehicle. 2). Look like it should be any part of the IG unless they have started looting vehicles from the Orks? 3). It would belong anywhere but in a circus.

      I don't care if this thing could take down a titan with it's weapons - these should be resigned to the bin.

      The Scions. Look OK and the look is pretty much what was expected BUT 5 models is a joke - even if they had to double the retail price in order to do so these should have been, boxed as a set of 10, and no amount of fanboys defending GW,s stance will convince me of any other.

      This is GW,s new face that gives the gamers a little less of what we actually want each time. Those who want to customise, should have the choice of buying a dedicated accessories set rather than having to purchase 2 or 4 boxes of Scions in order to field a decent size troop option.

      People deserve better and the lame argument about profits fall away when you take into account what people will spend regardless.

      Que the fanboys descent!

      Take your blinkers off and wake up. We are being sold short here!

    6. I agree with all of the above, I've also been waiting for a remake of my beloved guard, I loved them with their 4th edition book and i missed that in 7th that pretty much only screamed vets with plasma, vets with plasma, in chimera's and add some vendetta's. Pretty much neutering over 75% of the books other units. I'm still going to buy the astra millitarum codex but this, these tempestus guys, they don't rank high on my wishlist.

      I find the taurox an ugly model that's pretty much thrown on us out of nowhere. If this is a prelude for the upcoming astra millitarum codex, I see myself selling all my IG. GW seems to annoy me again and again and again with everything they do, from ridiculous pricing to not giving a crap about their game balance. It became an unhealthy obsession for money and the love for the genre and the game is long gone.

  2. So far so good. I fear the price of Scions, they need to be cheaper. I will play them nevertheless, but...:)
    New weapons? Please, please, better hotshot! S6 would be awesome and even expensive Scion would be acceptable with such power :)) (OK, S4-5 would be nice)
    Taurox...first I was annoyed. If it really is 11/10/10, its useless!!!
    but then...maybe its not. Depends on other rules. If it is fast, maybe even outflanking with scions, it can be effective. Or assault vehicle. And even capable of taking bulky models? Hell, who needs armor, just deliver, shoot and then die. And the Gatling is hell of a punch for such puny halftruck.

    I feel Taurox could sit into Scion strategy well. Not durable, but fast, delivers a punch and then maybe dies. And, I must admit, Im beginning to like the model...:)

    Simply, Tempestus codex looks great :)

    1. Its looking good, but don't get hopes too high as taking bulky models or assault is not guaranteed, so don't set yourself up for too much disapointment. As it stands they look to be pretty decent, not an auto take over chimeras but a good option that brings different things to the table.

      Rhinos have worked swimmingly for SMs, you just have to expect them to die at some point. I think scions are ok, I would like points a little lower, but the drop is enough especially with the weapons to make a difference. You won't have an auto win army, but a very tough one that you will have to play smartly, which is good thing in my book. They seem expensive, but rember they have ST stats with carapace and hot shots standard, so if you look at it that way, even a normal command squad would be in that price range with similar upgrades (carapace is 20 so your at 70 right off the bat). Key with them will be keeping them minimal on upgrades

    2. Yes, I agree. If the price is same as rumor says, its IMO OK. For the last games, I really fell in love with carapace + plasma gun. For the Scions I hope in some better version of hotshot I dont have to use too many plasma "lets get burned" :) But Scions seems to be very specialized surgical strike force with the deep strike, its good for me.

      I just realized, hope they get some old ST specialization, the one for reroll deep strike mishap.

      And another worry is...hope they wont rise price of chimera, I know, its just classical internet "beware, beware, they want to sell Taurox" but... Maybe just add price to Vendetta and leave IG codex as it is? Pretty please? ;)

  3. Isn't the hotshot lasgun an overcharged lasgun? S4 ap3 would be good, only needing 3's and 4's to kill marines.

    As for the taurox, I'm still undecided, in still not sure if it will be worth taking over the Chimera. The weapon options sound good and could be very useful but I was hoping for something more land raiderish, but never mind.

    As for codexs, I'm gonna have to wait, and get the IG one first as monies tight, as always! But I will defiantly be picking one up at some point.

    Oh, and the taurox looks a thousand times better in green! Its changed my opinion on them a lot.

    1. It really does look a lot better in that color.

      Yeah you should wait and see, it looks to be similar to the Inq codex style, an HQ with elite/troop choice as one unit type with transport options. So don't expect it to be a fully fledged faction, just rules to use STs as primary army.

      It seems there is going to be a difference, they have hot shots but one of the weapon options is an overcharged lasgun, so there's got to be some difference. Being S4 and assault would be amazing, but unlikely unfortunately.

  4. I am not bad talking anything I am seeing, mainly because I am darn excited for a new release. Especially Stormtroopers...hot dang..this is awesome, I had the same goal to make a ST army for a long time, and now I might be able to do so.

    Again, I don't understand the negativity regarding model pricing, compared to other model making companies like Revel, or Italery these are very fairly and competitively priced. Just because we don't really have anything else to measure this pricing against doesn't mean it's overpriced. Extremely well designed and detailed models with TONS of options, different heads etc, I think this is alright.

    I actually really like the Taurox, depending on model points I would love to have something that I can zoom across the board with other than a Vendetta. Low armor? Oh well, this was unexpected for me too, though this challenges me to play more tactically and I love that kind of thing.

    Again, really really excited about this, my mouse is hovering over the pre-order button.

    1. This is internet...bitching at anything...heck...its great, funny game, has better and better models...and there is more and more problems...
      I just read some 3++ FAQ where they said the game is unplayable from the box. WHat a buggers...
      Sorry, Grumpy for my grumping here, probably too much whiskey...ans my keayboard floats...so, by till next time....OH, how I love those exciting moments brfore release!:)

  5. Rumour from 4chan...seems acceptable (for rumour)

    Taurox (50pt)
    Any Imperial Guard unit that can take Chimera may instead take a Taurox as a Dedi Transport

    BS:3 - F:11 - S:10 - R:10 - HP:3

    Wargear: Twinlinked Autocannon
    Capacity: Ten models
    Two fire points on each side of the hull
    Access point in rear
    Spec Rules:
    All Terrain APC: Re-roll all failed dangerous terrain tests
    Options: May take vehcle gear from Astra Militarium list

    Taurox Prime (80pt)
    Only Scion squads and Scion command may take Prime as a dedi choice (Militarium Tempestus)

    BS:4 - F:11 - S:10 - R:10 - HP:3

    Wargear: Taurox Battle cannon, Twin linked hot-shot volley gun
    Capacity: Ten models
    Two fire points on each side of the hull
    Access point in rear
    Spec Rules:
    All Terrain APC: Re-roll all failed dangerous terrain tests
    Options: May take vehcle gear from Astra Militarium list
    May Replace Taurox battle cannon with:
    Twin-Linked Taurox Gatling cannon: 10pt
    Taurox Missle Launcher: 20pt
    May replace twin linked hot-shot volley gun with twin-linked autocanon: Free

    Astra-Militarium Vehicle Gear List:

    Searchlight: 1pt
    Dozer blade: 5pt
    Heavy Stubber or Storm bolter: 5pt
    Smoke Launchers: 5pt
    Extra Armor: 10pt
    Hunter-Killer Missle: 10pt
    Camo Netting: 15pt

    Taurox Battle Cannon: 48' Range, S:7, AP:4, Heavy 1, Blast
    Taurox Missle Launcher:
    Krak: 48' Range, S:7, AP:3, Heavy 2
    Frag: 48' Range, S:4, AP:6, Heavy 2, Blast
    Taurox Gatling Cannon: 24' Range, S:4, AP:-, Heavy10
    Hot-Shot Volley Gun: 24' Range, S:4, AP:3, Salvo 2/4

    1. Nice, thank you for posting that. That all looks pretty solid and I can see that being the case of what things end up looking like.

    2. I wonder if there are going to be any changes to the Chimera? Maybe the autocannon turret? TL Bolters? I've not heard or seen anything, but that maybe because everyone is focused on the Taurox.

    3. Rumor says nothing about taurox being fast (or am I blind?) Maybe we should think of it more as a Razorback equivalent than? Having two fire points is nice for popping out plasma / melta / 2nd autocannon, hopefully the can shoot from the top hatch.
      Damn I like the idea of advancing troops with apc support (you know like in this one Modern Warfare 2 Mission) but I still fear for my men getting slaughtered easily. 60 pts are another BS3 10 HP scoring Autocannon, nearly the same speed but we'll see.


    4. The Fast was in a couple of rumors on Faeit, at this point its a possibilty but not guaranteed. This is more of a cheap fire support vehicle that can get your guys to where they need to be.

  6. Bah! I want my Armoured Company supplement! :P

    Heh- all this looks good though :)

    1. FW has one already that is 40k approved. Its the armored battle group in Imperial Armour volume 1 second edition. Its actually pretty darn good. Vanquishers can get instant death guns to slay some monsters

  7. Str7 kraks?
    In any case.. I think the 50point barebones Taurox will be very popular with Guard players. Why pay 100 points for 4 strength 7 shots on one hull when you can get two! ;)

    1. most likely that is a typo, im assuming it will be S8 along with all other krak missiles. and either way that is still can be useful in larg enough numbers.

  8. Slightly off topic, but it looks like i'm going to be facing an imperial knight, allied to SW's on thursday. Any advice, gonna prob take two vets with melta's, one in chimera and one in a vendetta, but was pondering taking a devil dog. Still going to take my gun line guard with auto cannons to deal with the SW's.

    1. As long as you have some Ap3 blasts to deal with marines or plasma guns, you should deal ok with the wolves. I recommend a 20-30 man blob to deal with the knight, melta bombs on the sgts, either throw a commisar with bombs in there or if you run Inq throw one of them in there with the same.

      Having played a couple games with my knight, my advice is really pay attention to terrain and don't play too static. It can move fast over open ground but terrain significantly slows it so keep it between you and the knight. Hit it from multiple angles and don't try and go for the one shot, its most likely going to take a couple of turns to kill. I would try and tarpit it early with the blob, then focus on the space wolves while the knight is dealing with them

  9. New scans, some new info (more access points!)

    1. Oh and look at the wording. There is reference to Codex: Imperial Guard AND Astra Militarum Vehicle Equipement. I think Astra Militarum will be IG + Imperial Navy and amybe commisariat and rest of all non-SM, non-SoB imperial forces.

    2. Oh that is nice. I am more excited about Storm Trooper platoons to be honest, that is amazing and being 12 pts a model! The clarion vox net is awesome too, use leadership of commander for all tests! No fast for the vehicles but that is really good, I am liking the taurox with STs more and more.

    3. Actually, Taurox Prime is fast! It seems his cheaper brother isnt, but now it seem very, very viable as strategy to drive fast, hit hard. Pity Scions lost deep strike reroll.

    4. I noticed that on second read, I am liking the prime more now.
      They might, there may be army wide special rules though that we haven't seen yet that may bring that back in essence. Also this is for tempestus, so STs may have additional special rules in the main book when it comes out, as most likely they will not be platoons in the main book but only in the Tempestus one.

    5. And you think there will be another "vanilla" stormtroopers? I think Tempestus are the new stormies...or I just missed something?:)

    6. I think you are right. I re read the page and it says they are an elites choice for IG, so most likely that is what we are getting. There may still be some special rules that may be tempestus only or new orders. Will see.

  10. 12 pt Stormtrooper would be great! I'm fine with loosing the scatter reroll. DS will be more difficult yes, but its fluffier that way. Hey, even Grey Knights (elite elite of the elite) don't get a second attempt. If thats the tradeoff for the 4 pts reduction, I'm okay with it. Hopefully they still have the other missions from the 5ed codex (outflanking & stuff) or other options for deployment!

    Regarding the taurox / prime: +30pts for fast than. I'm still thinking concerned about more options for late game objective grabbing. Mobility is key. If scions / STs are elite (and not scoring) the prime bonus wouldn't help much with that problem.


  11. Scions are scoring for Tempestus primary, if taking for elites in main IG they are not (at least not yet). Using them to clear an hold objectives early, forming a cordon for your follow on forces to take the objectives later in the game is the way to use them IMO. The Taurox gets them there fast and early, they force your opponent to deal with them while your troops move up later in the game to sieze. Or you can go the Tempestus route and they are troops, hide the Taurox or just go with Chimeras and then take objectives later.

  12. Has anyone noticed the linguistic faux-pas over the name? "Military Wind Knowledge" Militarum Tempestus Scions.
    Impetu Chortes OR Impetus Agminatim may be better names
    The original Storm Troopers name comes from the German. Sturmtruppen = Assault troops, Not "Very Windy Soldiers"!
    Sturm = Forward/Front Line Attackers. To Assault
    Tempest = Storm, high winds, with perhaps rain & thunder
    Scions = Knowledgeable ones or Smart Arses in British military lingo
    So, are these new troops perhaps Meteorologists/Weathermen. Or did someone at GW not bother to think about the name?

    1. They fight the worst weather with laser guns! Not even the fiercest gale can stop them, no storm unpredicted!

    2. Hahahahahaha!
      "Ego canebat in pluvia
      Nam cantu, in pluvia
      Quam gloriosus affectus,
      Ego sum ​​etiam beatus.
      Ego ridere ad nubes.
      Et tenebrae super
      Sol est in corde meo,
      Paratus sum, et amor.

      Sit nubila persequi.
      Quisque de loco suo
      Venite, et facta est pluvia
      Ut faciem risus
      Et ambulent in lane
      Cum laeta admodum
      mox cantu,
      cantantes, et pluvia

      et choris, in pluvia ...

      Libenter iterum ...

      Ego cantu et dancin, in pluvia ..
      Singing in the rain for Imperial Guardsmen

  13. The new "gun truck" Taurox looks a lot like a humber PIG wtih add on track track kit.



    for a look at some real (and often very odd looking) APC/GunTrucks,,