Friday, March 14, 2014

Latest Imperial Guard Rumors

Ok, I know I am not the first to report this but I still want to talk about the overall leaks and rumors.  Sorry I have been distracted with my knight this week and I am getting close to being done with painting, if such a thing can ever be done.  But on to the rumors, the above is a pic of one of the new Ogryn models, and judging by the hat it is most likely Nork Deddog.  There is a lot of hate on the new ogryns, and at first I wasn't too thrilled either, but I went and looked at my current ones, threw up a little in my mouth, and now they don't look so bad.

I think one of the reasons people don't like them is because they are very different from the old ones in that they really have more human qualities to them.  The older ones looked like straight up Ogres, so these new ones have departed from that older style and actually look like they were descended from normal humans at some point. 

I like them, they still look big and retarded and mean.  The ripper gun isn't my favorite, I actually do like the old ripper gun (only thing I like about old ogryns), but I'm sure once I see it in person it won't look so bad.  So far so good.  Bullgryns look to be an assault oriented ogryn with an invul and I'll bet the rocket thing in their hand is for punching stuff and probably not for shooting.

Now here are the new Storm Troopers/scions or whatever their name is.  One, it is awesome they are getting their own command squad, which hopefully means ST command squads will be available if you want to run an ST only army.  The hot shot lasguns/hellguns look really good and overall I like the look of the armor and kit as a whole.  This is another good sign, and I surprisingly like the berets, not really a fan but on these they work.
With the Militarum Tempestus, I would be highly surprised if it wasn't a Storm Trooper based supplement.  I will probably be buying it as soon as it is confirmed that it is.  I know some are going to bitch about pay to play and other  bullshit.  Screw off, I'm going to enjoy the fact that I have supplements that match the fluff and allow me to play an army I have wanted to play for oh about 8 years.  If you don't want it, don't get it.  Your an adult.
So the Hydra I really was not too sure if it was going to go plastic, but here is some proof.  Now I think I like the FW one better, but I'll take cheaper and easier to get any day.  I'll wait and see what the plastic looks like when I get my hands on one, as I really like the hydras as they are now and the only thing that's really stopped me from getting more is funds and lack for willingness to scrounge parts to make one.  I really doubt there will be any major rule changes, expect its auto targeting rule it simply ignore jink saves for skimmers and bikes now.  It would be great if it got interceptor, but that's not going to happen judging by previous AA releases.  Expect this to remain a good cheap anti flyer and skimmer unit.

So the Taurox.  This is the controversial new vehicle.  I will admit, I don't love it.  Personally the treads are too high, if that was change then maybe it wouldn't look so bad.  And who knows, its one of those things were a new model always seems to look like shit on grainy pictures.  Though there is some light flare on the page, it looks to have a Twin Linked punisher.  Now that isn't so bad and if this has other good weapon options this may not be a bad vehicle.  To me this looks like an Ogryn carrier, so I would not be surprised if it had a rule where bulky models only counted as one for transport purposes.  I also would not be too surprised if it was an assault vehicle.  Not highly likely, but it would not shock me.  So really depending on rules and points, this could be a nice addition, and with some minor modifications we can make her look pretty.

Ok the last rumor don't have a pic for since my work internet will not let me access the site, but Faeit 212 has received a tip that the newest imperial armor book has a pic of a steel legion with a grav gun.  I have seen the pic and it could very well be a grave gun.  Its hard to tell though and it could also be a plasma gun, so please don't take this as gospel.  If this pans out, well fucking awesome.  That means 1) IG get access to Grav Guns and 2) New Steel Legion.  I'm throwing salt at it, but I so want this to be true.  We will see. 

So last is the Crimson Slaughter CSM supplement.  I like this.  Short of this is possessed are troops with a new chart, 1 being unit and transport get shrouded, 2 they are beasts, and 3 they have rending and 3+ invul.  Well that's pretty darn good especially compared to the old table, those are down right useful.  Every unit causes fear, I know everyone hates on it, but its something and you don't pay for it.  Another thing is that one unit of Chosen can be upgraded to Draznicht's Ravagers for the cost of a meltagun, which gives the Champion preferred enemy, eh not too horrible gives him a better chance when he is forced to challenge suicide.  Only plague marines, noise marines, and bezerkers can take veterans of the long war. 

New warlord table.  1 gives hatred, with bonus of re rolling all misses against dark angels.  2 enemy units within 12" of warlord have -1 leadership and have -2 to all fear tests.  That at least makes fear a little useful.  3 is furious charge, though cannot shoot if enemy is within 12" and must charge.  4 is Crusader, 5 warlord inflicts D6 S3 hits at I 10 on any models in base to base.  6 is shrouded.  Overall not bad, I have seen far worse warlord tables.

Relics.Crozius, which is +2 S AP4 and gives zealot to bearer and units within 6".  Relic Sword which gains bonus with kills, 1 kill is +1S, 3 is AP2, 5 kills gives another S point, and instant death at 10+.  I like this.  target a weak unit first to rack up kills for your guy and then he'll have a S6 AP2 sword to like stuff, not bad at all.  Instant death is nice too, if you can get there.  The Balestar is for sorcerers only, giving access to divination and re-roll failed psychic tests, but can gain no bonuses to deny the witch.  Demon heart gives It Will Not Die and 2+ save, but daemon prince cannot take it. Prophet relic gives fearless, fleet, and daemon, as well as letting it roll on possessed table.

All in all this is great for creating a themed word bearers army that is centered around possessed and cultists, with some nice rules and the warlord traits at least tie in to some of the wargear and rules of the army.  Sure fear is extremely situational, but it does come in to play at times, as long as you remember it.  I know its not a legion dex, but oh well, maybe your never going to get one because GW doesn't want to focus on the shattered legions, but instead give you rules that allow you to play thematically.  If this was legion word bearers, the internet would be in love with this, with no rules changes whatsoever.  Shows how important a little name can be I guess. 

Anyways, I really like the IG rumors, though I guess soon it will be Astra Militarum.  My how the world changes.



  1. Man, I really hate that name. The only rumors I'm happy about are the Steel Legion and Storm Troopers.

    1. I'm getting to the point of acceptance, I don't like it, but it is what it is.

      I can't wait for storm troopers

  2. I saw that IG Steel Legion rumor and its bunk, which I'm fine with since I kinda don't want IG to get Grav Weapons (for grunts at least.) The picture used as proof for the rule is actually from IA 1, First Edition where the book refers to it as a plasmagun. Probably a conversion by some Forgeworld guy from that era over ten years ago and it just happens to look like current grav hardware.

    1. Aww, why you gotta harsh my mellow? New Steel Legion would have been awesome.

      That 10 seconds of excitement before reading your comment were great though!

  3. I love the new Stormie's but I don't think I will be using the beret heads myself. I'm hoping there's a few bare heads in there or I'll be using Cadian heads. But that's one thing that is awesome about the new models.... They suit the Cadian style heads really well!
    Really hope a full army of Stormie's can be taken... I played a Grenadier army back in 4th and it used to be really tough.

    Lastly.. Two things. I think the Taurox has a twinlinked assault cannon, not a Punisher. It kinda looks too small to be a twinlinked punisher cannon. I agree the tracks don't look right.
    Also, I think the Bullgryns do have rocket launchers... That will shoot. Maybe BS2.. or maybe they will just be really expensive... and no one will take them. Shame, because they look really cool.

    1. Tl assault would be awesome. My only thing that doubts that is that IG has a couple of units with the punisher(some are FW granted), with none having assault cannon. I won't be suprised if its a punisher.

      I loved playing the grenadier army, it has always been my favorite and I can't wait to see it come back. You can kind of play it with vets with grenadiers right now, its expensive but it works. I have only lost one game with my grenadiers right now.

  4. i dont like abhumans. Simply they dont belong to my 2nd Combined Battalion, 19th Nadir Regiment fluff :)

    But the new Ogryn models are good. They look exactly how Ogryns should, strong, raging halfwits. Hammer for your anvil :)

    And new stormies are awesome :) I really, really wanted some berets in IG for some special forces and now I have it! So far it seems new stormies will work as stormies (heh, I already hope they got decent new rules) and Kasrkin as plasmavets for me. models...yay...:)

  5. the taurox looks like a futuristic version of the trucks the us army uses in Afghanistan/Iraq called maxpros if i remember correctly.

    1. Depends which one, we had about 7 different variants over there. Grizzly, MATV, MRAP, MAXPRO etc, take your pick

    2. I'd say its between the MAXPRO and MRAP. Personally I like the MATVs granted they can be cored by an rpg7 but hey what the hell can't.

  6. It feels like bashing on new GW material has become a new sport. Frankly, I am tired of it. So much on new models and rules hasn't happened in a long time, and where it is a challenge and fun to me to try out new stuff, and come up with ways to beat the newest meanest things GW released, other simply just hate.

    I for once like all the new stuff that is coming out for the IG. Compared to all the old Ogryn models, the new ones look really sweet! Finally I might be able to use the 10 I have never fielded.

    Also, I am more than happy to bash out a couple of extra bucks to get a official storm trooper suppliment/codex. Like you I always wanted to field a Stormtrooper only army, this is very exciting!

    Aside from this topic I am sure you are aware that GW's prices are another topic for rage and bitch fests across the net. I believe that GW models, for how detailed they are, for how much options you get, and for how well made they are made the prices are fair.

    Take a look at actual military model manufacturers like Italery, Revel etc. Most kits will run you $40 and up and are not nearly as detailed and option-able as GW models...

    Just my 2 cents.

    In the end though I am supper excited for this new release!

    1. Well said. As a new member to the 40k community it is rather ridiculous how much the fan base hates on their own game. Sure, aesthetically I may not like the taurox, but others do, and this I just how it will always be. And remember this is a hobby, personally I enjoy the challenge of converting a model I don't much care for into one I actually do. I also agree with you on GW prices. Sure, it is expensive, but just look at your model section in your local hobby store, all those military models are equal to if not more expensive by a long shot. Its like grumpy said, if you don't like it, don't buy it, you are an adult after all.