Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Knight Fluff & Color Scheme

I picked up my Knight over the weekend but it has remained in its box for now.  Mainly is because I have enough models in the que right now that need painting and work, the biggest being my Warhound Titan: Vindex Draconis.  So yeah I have a few things to paint.  Luckily I finished the psykers the other night and with my buddy letting me use his airbrush, my three new chimeras are nice and green with only detail work left.  I will have to say I am now sold on an airbrush and if any of you are serious in the hobby even a little, go get one, they are so amazingly awesome and will save so much time on your part.  Anyways, I have been thinking about my Knight and how I want him to align and what colors to go with, I really want him to stand out from my IG, as I really don't need another green thing.

Now my titan is red in the colors of Legio Invicta, so thats taken also.  What I think I am going to do is go a little wolfy.  Space wolves are my second love and I cheat on my IG with them from time to time.  So the idea is to go with similar colors and iconography of the sons of russ.  The back ground is going to be of a knight house from a feudal world close to Fenris.  During the Crusade the world nearly fell to the foul xenos orks, but the vylka fenryka  saved them and the knightly house now is sworn by honor to the space wolves.  During the 13th black crusade they fought in defence of Cadia and drove back the dark legions in many engagements, earning them a high reputation among the cadian shock troops. 

The fluff I'll work on more as well, but I really love the knights and I can't wait to get to converting.  The major work I really want to do is to replace the chain sword with a giant axe or sword.  I like the dreadknights sword so that is an option I am considering, though if I can find a Norse looking axe that is large enough, be sure I will be using that.  I also want to do the helm in a more Norse and less knightly fashion as well.  Something along the lines of this:

Will be interesting to see if I can pull it off with some careful cutting of the knight helms and with some green stuff, give it that more Norse look.  There are some really cool and intricate ones, so I may try and incorporate that into it, it is a centerpiece type model so it might as well look good.  Other than that it will have wolf totems and other symbols to show its allegiance to Fenris, but not too much that it looks like a space wolf vehicle either.  It will be a fine line to walk but in the end I think it will be worth it and totally cool looking, and having a house of them will be awesome as time goes on.  Color will be light blues, but not as grey as SWs, so as not to look too similar, with yellows, reds and golds to provide detail and to stand out.  Will probably change as I paint it.

I can't wait to see the codex and am really hoping there are some options in there to upgrade the knight, it may be over time that they add more to it.   I really like them and as they stand, they provide a really solid unit with decent firepower and solid CC ability, with the added bonus of being able to get through some of the silly invulnerable death stars that are out there.

I think these will be great with IG, as you have plenty of cheap troops to bring that can screen for him and anti air to support him from multiple sections.  I can see two errants wrecking face with an infantry heavy army.  Moving 12 a turn and firing those weapons, then once they get stomping they will be making people pay.  I love the possibilities they bring.  Having a tough CC unit that is going to be fighting full strength till the last wound is gone is great.

They are a little under powered in my opinion, but with a D cc weapon it really isn't too horrible.  I really wish they had Multi lasers instead of stubbers.  Mainly because that is what is mentioned in a few fluff books, but that is minor none the less.  It also would be great to have a slightly high S to give some added punch, especially with how few shots it has.  But not a hug deal, generally speaking there is going to be infantry for him to shoot the stubbers at. 

I can also see the knight working very well in a mech list, essentially you are subbing the leman russ for the knight, with the rest of your army in chimeras and other vehicles.  This is great for a fast army and you'll have the knights able to keep up with your army and also have your infantry pop out to secure the objective the knight clears. 

Will see what the codex has in it and whether there are some bonuses to taking knights as a primary army.  Either way this is going to be fun.  Will at the very lest give the imperium something that can counter those wraithknights and riptides running around.  At least it will look cool.

I am really itching for the new IG codex now.   I want to do more tactics, but I really want to hold off till it comes out.  Only a few more weeks really so I cannot wait to have my hands on it.  Then I guess I will have to start getting ready for the Golden Throne GT, since I'm going I might as well practice so I can do reasonably well.  I prob won't take my knight, but its a maybe at this point.  It is def going to depend on what the new IG book has in store.  Either way I will be taking a fun list, not going to go uber cheese and throw a million thudd guns and sabre defence platforms around :p. 

Blah I am getting all this nervous energy waiting, IG needs to come out already!



  1. I am too having this issue of waiting for the guard codex. So I bough of ebay a large oop cadian platoon. Then two imperial knights just to keep my sanity (what's left of it in check).

  2. Replies
    1. Kinda sounds like you captoored eet for Chaos with that attitude.

  3. I started building my Knight and I absolutely love this model kit. It's been so fun to put together so far and the pieces fit perfectly. Really easy to build and the GW imperial knight how to videos are great help. Lots of good suggestions. I'm waiting on the books and IG codex before I work on the colors and story.

  4. Now I know this is a little off topic, but something came up tonight that got a few of us at my club thinking. Now we could be missing the obvious, but what is marbo? He's an elite choice and infantry (unique) as per the codex. But with 6th edition does he become a character or not? Now if you look in the back of the rule book, he's not listed, like the other characters (bastonne, harker etc).

    It came up as a chaos lord killed him in combat and so if he's characters he would get a boon but if he's characters not then he wouldn't.

    1. I read both the FAQ and the BRB and Marbo is not listed in either as a character so then it looks the chaos would not get a boon from killing him.

    2. That's the conclusion we came to, which we thought is a bit odd as all the other named characters will be classed as characters. But there you go, GW being logical again.

    3. Yeah its most likely just an over sight and was missed. With the new codex so close, not going to matter much longer any ways :)

  5. I think choosing colors, fluff and extra kits is IMO half of fun with Knights :) And idea with nordic helm and long axe sounds great!
    Maybe - its just idea or tip, to have your knight with full face as are those vanilla...what about something like masked helm from Sutton Hoo? Its saxon, so guys fightning against norsemen...but many times in allegiance with norsemen. On Earth is it interesting part of history. I think its beautiful piece of war history. And it shows full face and of course position of the warrior in the society.

    The mask of Sutton Hoo is this On model it could be astonishing.

    1. The helm is down right beautiful, I don't think I will have the skills to make that unfortunately. But I may try, it is very good inspiration :).

    2. Im glad to be inspiring, it doesnt happen a lot ;))

      By the way, ho many "face plates" is in the box? One knight "helm" and one skull? Im planning some experiments to make more clean or smooth mask with green stuff, but Im afraid that I will fail and destroy my only "vanilla" helm :)

    3. take it where you can get it.

      The box has three helms, two knightly ones and one skull face one.