Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heroes of the Imperium: Castellan Ursarker Creed Tactics

Time for an old favorite, Mr tactical genius himself, Creed.  Now he has seem so decent changes in the new book, but is still doing the job he did before.  I wouldn't say he is outright better than before, just different.  He does have the potential to be really good and is still one of your better HQ choices to take.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Heroes of the Imperium: Commissar Yarrick Tactics

Commissar Yarrick, the hero of Armageddon.  He has already been talked about by many and rightfully so.  The new incarnation of him is a far step beyond his old self and he is a top competitor for your warlord.  Despite what many are saying he is not an auto take but is certainly a great choice if you do want to bring him.  There are a few changes that make him so.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hobby Post: Modifying the Scion Plasma Gun

Now for some hobby tips.  The Scion kit is a pretty nice kit with a lot of good options for making your scions.  However there is a bit of a gripe when it comes to the plasma gun, instead of it being aimed like the other weapons, it is posed being carried on the side with a pointing finger like that is the dangerous part.  Not a problem if its on its own, but in multiples they tend to stand out like a bunch of accusing clones.  Not to worry, with a spare plasma gun and leftover bits from the kit it was not too hard to get a better pose out of it.

Imperial Guard Tactics: Commissars

Alright, next unit in the HQ section.  This is you last standard HQ choice that you can take for your required HQ slot and be your warlord.  The lord commissar takes the role of a buffer for your surrounding troops and is trying to be a combat character.  I say trying as its hard to get him there without spending a decent amount of points on him.  That being said he can get you your minimum HQ and do a decent job in a fight if called on.  To be frank though, he is your second tier HQ choice if not third due to changes in aura of discipline and simply because of the other really good choices in the HQ section.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Tank Commanders

Ah the new kid on the block, and he sure is a big boy.  The latest addition the Imperial Guard HQ section is the Tank Commander.  Probably going to be the biggest change to IG in a long while and going to be seen very often on the table top.  The tank commander himself is pretty simple, he is an HQ choice, a 30pt add on to any leman russ variant you choose, and you have to take at least one other leman russ with him with a max of two for a total of three russes in the squadron counting the tank commander.  But that is not all the commander brings.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Company Command Squad

Alright, time for more tactics.  Sorry for the break, work was busy last two days so no time or energy for blogging.  As I continue through the book, its time to talk about the main squad that the MoO and friends belong to, the Company Command Squad.  This is the backbone of many IG forces, and will continue to be so with this book.  So you know about the advisors and what they do now.  What is up with the new squad?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Segmentum Command: Episode 3 Astra Militarum

 Episode 3

Here is episode three of Segmentum Command

Today we are covering th Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard

Have a few Gripes about ogryns and hydras
Torquer tallies some of the silly complainers

Then we do a run down of the new codex with descriptions and tactics.  Also talk a little about allies.  

Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Officer of the Fleet & Astropath

To continue where I left off, I will be finishing off the Company Command Squad's advisers, the Officer of the Fleet and Astropath.  These two changed the most from the previous edition, the MoO only really changing in points.  These two now add a little more to your army but are much different in how they work from before. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Battle Report: Tempestus Scions vs Orks 1000pts

Rematch time.  Now the Scions are back for revenge.  The Mek's forces are growing and the Scions have brought their full force to bear to kill the Mek before a full blown WAAAGH! can erupt.  The game was 1000pts and I had a command squad with 4 volley guns with my warlord and a second with two melta guns and a power sword.  I had three scion squads, two with plasma guns and one with melta guns.  Then three Tauroxes as FA, one with battle cannon and two with missile launchers and all with auto cannons.  The growing ork forces had three killa kans, looted wagon with kannon and all the trimmings, 12 hard boyz in a truck, 12 shoota boyz, 30 choopas, 3 warbikers, and a big Mek with shock attack.  I also brought along an aegis line to add a forward strong point

Friday, April 18, 2014

Imperial Guard Tactics: Master of Ordnance v2.0

The Master of Ordnance is still a controversial unit for guard players, but many like myself like him and find great use out of him and with the new changes he is better than ever.  When I first started using him he was very hit or miss, but as noted in v1 of this article, he has become an old warhorse in my armies.  What you get now for 10 points cheaper than before is a S9 AP3 barrage with unlimited range.  That is the first thing that is nice about him, anywhere on the board can be hit, line of sight or no.  Now where he comes into the down side is that he scatters, alot.  If a hit is rolled, he still scatters that distance, if an arrow you roll another D6, for a 3D6 scatter and with only BS4 that is hard to counter that potential for large scatter.  But with changes in the codex and with some allies, there are ways to make him more effective and lets be honest, your getting a basilisk for 20 pts, you really can't go wrong with that. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Milestone!!

So today everyone, this blog went over 200,000 views!!  I want to thank all of you that visit, comment, and bring a good attitude whether you agree with me or not!  I never imagined just few months ago (it seems a lot longer) I would have this level of readership.  It is great to see this go from me talking to myself on the internet to having discussions and answering questions and helping the 40k and Imperial Guard community.

I will maintain this blog as first and foremost a haven for the Imperial Guard, though I may talk about other things, this is still a home for common soldierly of the 41st millennium.  Give me some time, but I will start knocking through the tactics of the new codex like before, as time goes on expect V2.0 of those already written articles.

I want this to be a place of discussion and information, and everyone that comments constructively and asks questions adds to this community and helps share knowledge and ideas that others may never have thought about.  So keep up the comments, all that I ask is that you keep it civil, this is still MY blog despite everything and I will take action if comments get out of hand.  Luckily this hasn't really been an issue besides a few borderline cases.

So thank you all again!  Keep visiting, commenting, and emailing.  This is a community and we grow and improve through sharing and helping each other out.  And yes we can have an impact on the game and the "meta".


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Podcast updates & Thoughts on IG Orders and HQ

This meant to be a bit of an update post, with info on our podcast and the blog as well as some observations from myself and others about the new Imperial Guard.  Mostly on orders and also on a few of the HQ choices, priests and officers of the fleet.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why the Taurox Isn't So Bad

So I know the Taurox is considered to be the red headed stepchild of the Chimera.  And while I don't think it is that great looking, it certainly looks better with a good paint job.  It really is not as bad, at least rules wise as some are making it out to be.  It is cheaper and that is obvious, but there is one big thing that no one has mentioned that I think is something to seriously consider when choosing your dedicated transports.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Codex Review: Imperial Guard

Alright time for a further look at the Imperial Guard.  I will do further in depth reviews of the Imperial Guard sections as I did before, but here I'll try and give a good overall run down.  And yes we are still the Imperial Guard, the book cover may have changed but inside we are the same.  I want to say that this is a great codex, and though there have been some losses, most of those are made up in other areas.  Your army will change, so no complaints that how you have been running things do not work anymore.  Some may be more valid than others, but this is what we have and it is really good.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Building and Painting My Taurox

So I got to it and built my taurox.  I will say it is a pretty detailed model and partly makes up for its boxi boxiness.  It comes together really easily and is easy to modify.  I magnetized the side guns to swap out as desired.  This was done simply by gluing a magnet right above where it glues on and one to the gun itself.  I also used a knife and opened up the turret view slit and shoved a heavy stubber in their.  I really like how it looks and I am honestly considering using these turrets on chimeras.

Battle Report: Scions vs Orks 500pts

Ok battle time!  I got my scions built and got a few test games in against my brother.  He is getting his ork army running and wanted to get some experience under his belt so it worked for both of us.  He has a small army so we kept it to 500pts to see how it would go.  We played two games, switch things up both times.  I definitely learned alot about scions and have to keep tuning things with this army.  Overall though its a fun flexible army, but has a learning curve too it and is not too forgivable to mistakes.  On to the report, only took a few pics but they were quick games.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Imperial Guard First Look

I got my codex yesterday and spent most of the evening pouring over it.  And I love it.  This is a great update to the imperial guard.  A note on the name.  While the book may be called Astra militarum, it is barely mentioned throughout the book other than that it is it's "official title".  Beyond that we are still the imperial guard, so if you were fearing a total retcon, thankfully it did not happen.  I understand their desire to protect the IP, and they did that without taking away the soul of the Imperial Guard.

Friday, April 11, 2014

There's a Rumble in The Floor

So lets prepare for war.  The Imperial guard is out today for most of us, I am currently waiting for a call from my FLGS when they get it in.  Till then what we have is the pretty much confirmed rumors as to what is going to be in it.  And what we have is pretty good for the most part.  There certainly could have been more done and the missed opportunity of regimental doctrines is one that springs to mind.  So we can dwell on the missed opportunities or look at what we have and what to make of it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Codex Militarum Tempestus: A Second Look

So having picked up the book last night, read it and slept on it, I am going to go over few thoughts and note some issues with the codex.  There is a rules issue regarding the Hot Shot Volley gun and I'll go over that later.  Despite some minor issues though this is a very solid codex for those that want lots of storm troopers and little else. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Initial Review: Codex Militarum Tempestus

Militarum Tempestus aka Storm Troopers.  So the codex is out now and it is a solid book, it has good orders and decent warlord traits with the usual fluff and artwork that I love.  What you see is what you get.  This is a storm trooper army with so tricks and accessories.  I'll do a run down of what it has and what I think about it.  Bear in mind I have yet to get a copy of my own yet so what I have is based off of looking over anothers copy and what I have seen online.  I would love to talk about the fluff in it but I have yet to do a sit down and read through it, but what I have seen so far is good. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Back From the Break

Ok so finally back from my break from the internet.  Last week was very busy but was great and the wedding was great.  A break from things is not a bad thing.  But holy crap has a lot dropped in the last week.  A ton of leaks have come out in regards to IG and obviously the Militarum Tempestus came out over the weekend.  I was not able to get my hands on one and as they have only released the Ipad version for digital, I am waiting on that as well.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Like the Wyvern

Alright, it has been a busy week, but I have been reading on the latest and keeping up with things.  So more confirmations of earlier rumors on orders came out and new models were leaked.  Probably the most controversial besides the Taurox is this bad boy, the Wyvern.  Its part of a dual kit, the other being the hydra.  Now I don't think this looks that bad at all, but neither is it winning any model contests.  So its the kit no one expected or asked for, but it is what we got.