Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Podcast updates & Thoughts on IG Orders and HQ

This meant to be a bit of an update post, with info on our podcast and the blog as well as some observations from myself and others about the new Imperial Guard.  Mostly on orders and also on a few of the HQ choices, priests and officers of the fleet.

So first off, episode 3 of Segmentum Command was recorded last night, big kev was not able to join do to work but he'll be back for the next one.  We are going for a 2 week schedule, releasing episodes every other saturday.  There should be no issues with this other than delays caused by life but we'll be trying to stick to that as much as possible.  The Episode was naturally focused on the new Imperial Guard, but its not a straight codex review.  I go through my gripes, Torquer has his tally talking about complainers, and do a run down of the changes in the book as well as finish up on tactics and allies talk.  Our wives were both present for it as well to give their thoughts and make fun of us.  As long as editing doesn't take too long, the episode should be out this saturday.

Now there are a few things I want to put out there regarding IG.  First lets talk about Priests and Officers of the fleet.  They both have abilities that need to be activated by a Ld test.  They have a Ld of 7.  Seems to suck.  However per BRB any model/unit is required to take all leadership tests on the highest Ld in the unit.  Only exception is for psychic tests.  So as long as a higher leadership value guy is in the same unit, both of those tests can be taken on theirs and not their own.  This was noted already on the 40k deamons blog here.  Just wanted to spread the word.

Also orders, the thing that makes IG awesome.  If you read the orders section, no mention is made to LoS being required for any of them.  The orders mostly just confer a special rule to that unit.  In case of bring it down, that unit gets tank and monster hunter.  There is no restriction on the unit or commander having to have LoS, just that if the order is passed that unit has that rule.  Now I have read the order mechanics section, and I did not see anything requiring a officer having to have LoS to the ordered unit.  In either case, you do not have to expose your officers anymore to enemy fire in order to get orders off.  Park them in or out of a chimera out of LoS and issue away.

Just a few things I wanted to note for all the IG players out there to take note of and help your game out.



  1. The way the current rule is written the precision shots is that you get to allocate all the hits from that unit. making it very powerful. I dont suggest anyone play it this way as its not RAI in my opinion, but something to keep in mind.

    Also the banner allows rerolls for leadership tests, so if you are a banner taker, then you should be able to reroll their abilities by using that.

    As for helping CCS staying alive, The telepathy guy, if you are lucky can give you invisibility. Which I will be using tonight, that goes a really long way to keeping them alive if you wanna risk the points for it.

    1. well astropath is only ML1, telepathy requires ML2 with two warp charges, so unfortunately a no go there, but puppet master is a go.

      Banner allow reroll of morale, fear, and pinning tests. So as written the priest and officer cannot use that for a reroll as they are not morale checks. Morale is a type of leadership check.

      I would disagree on the precision shot thing, but it could be argued. How I read it is the order grants precision shots. Precision shots require a 6 to hit in order to allocate wounds. Remember all characters have the precision shot rule and still require 6s to hit, thats what leans me in the direction of still needing 6s to hit with the order. Otherwise that is brokenly powerful

    2. The precision shot rule really needed to be stated in a clear fashion that allowed no doubt as to what it allowed players to do. Fortunately GW is going to update its FAQs soonish and so we may see a clarification there, but it really shouldn't have been a issue in the first place,

    3. Well the order is clear, its precision shots itself that is a little muddy. To me it seems clear though that you still need to roll 6s hit in order to allocate wds.

    4. As to the psyker, good point. Im new to powers really so I know little of them.

      Very true didnt see that for re rolls. There must be way to boost it.

      Yea the rule is meant to be for 6s I think, but as the usual internet forums do, they have figured that as the rule is written, you can allocate the hits freely. I wont be using at that way but its certainly worth mentioning. but yes its currently very powerful. Especially against other guard armies.

      Well other than that I see no little quirks. I just need to sit down and read the rules properly :P

    5. The precision shot rule is a bit fuzzy, as the rulebook section only mentions how characters can generate precision shots.

      As for the codices, the "everything is a precision shot" would be the only one making sense.
      "All shooting hits made by Sergeant Telion are Precision Shots.", and the IG relic bolt pistol has Precision Shots rule.
      As both Telion and the relic-bearer are characters anyway, precision shots on 6s are given anyway, so the upgrade would be that every shot is a precision shot.
      Mentioning it seperately would be pointless.
      And as the order confers the exact same rule as the bolt pistol, this would mean that ALL shots are precision shots, not just 6s.

      I guess I don't need to point out how insanely powerful that would be, and that's just a PCS order...if it was a CCS order, that would make more sense balancing-wise...

    6. that is a good point though. Though I will point out that GW has mentioned rules in such a way before, where they basically say it twice.

    7. We expanded this discussion on a german forum.

      "Precision Shots: If any of your character's shots roll 6 To Hit, these are Precision Shots. Wounds from Precision Shots are allocated [...]"
      The order gives Precision Shots, just like Telion's shots are Precision Shots.

      It's no USR, if it would be it would say that "All rolls of 6 to hit made by a model with this rule are Precision Shots.".
      An example of this would be the Tau Advanced Targeting System: "Any To Hit roll of a 6 made in the Shooting phase by a model with an advanced targeting system is a Precision Shot."
      It seems like the writer was sloppy on this part, as it gives Precision Shots like a USR though it isn't a USR

      Short RAW is: The unit has Precision Shots.
      "Wounds from Precision Shots are allocated [...]"

      Until the errata, we have blobs of lascannon Telions...haters gonna hate, heretics gonna die...

    8. Yeah I unfortunately have to agree with that. I think that is rediculously over powered. I really hope this gets FAQ'd/Errata'd as this is just going to mean the end of any target I want to die.

      As you said, the problem is the writer made the mistake of thinking precision shots are a USR, which they aren't. Oh man I'm tempted to just go with the way it makes sense, because I really don't need a broken rule to win.

    9. We'll see in the first errata.

      But this doesn't happen always, as Grav weapons still ignore cover/invul saves though not explicitly stating it.
      The rule wording is confusing and just jumps over the saving throws part of the procedure, and everyone thought that would be addressed.

      We'll see.
      Even precision shots on 6s are reasonably good, just shooting that damn warlock/seer out of a phantom droids unit is worth a lot and doesn't require dozens of precise shots.

  2. Orders may only be used if not embarked in a building or vehicle

    1. Except the Chimera which is a command vehicle

  3. I like how with the officers of the fleet you can now force your opponent to have to
    roll a 6 to get there reserves

  4. Building a 2000pts AM list for tomorrow right now. Did you notice that you can't hand out carapace and camo cloaks to your _company commander_ ? Only the vets can take these. What now? Give him Ollanius Death Mask all the time? Besides that list building with the new dex is great fun. Will have some nasty new surprises for the xenos scum (Nids, Eldar and SW).

    BF Tabitha

    1. You can, his carapace and camo gear are in the special issue wargear section

    2. as above. the commander has access the the wargear, its all included in there

    3. ...and it's more expensive.
      I guess the commander eats better than his soldiers, and therefore needs a bigger set of armor.

      But at least every single spare point now means you can give a sergeant a boltgun.
      Not overkill, but not exactly bad (5p for a blob of 50), considering that every 6 to hit made by these boltgun shots is a natural precision shot.