Saturday, November 30, 2013

IG Hobby Progress and Some Cool Models

Ok before anyone says hey thats not IG, that is true but he is for my IG army so it counts.  Yep thats my brand spanking new inquisitor, all assembled and primed, ready for some paint.  I don't like the way he holds his sword outstretched in the standard look so I rotated the sword arm to have to look like he is resting it and more focused on the shot than looking cool.  The needle pistol(thats what its supposed to be) is made from a Dark Eldar pistol, the magazine from the boltgun he comes with and a scope from the tactical marine kit.  And a bit of green stuff.  No crazy conversion work, but I really like how it looks, he just seems a little more menacing now and the pistol has the right proportions, the boltgun he comes with just looks too big the way he is holding it.  I plan on painting him the same color scheme as my storm troopers, you can see them in my older post on basing, they are in the pictures there.  A maroon red on black with bronze and other metallic highlights, and go from there.  He should look great when finished and will go well with my Storm Troopers (New Codex please let them be useful).

Now on to some finished stuff.  Here is my first servo skull, pretty much complete.  May go back and touch up and area or two but otherwise he is done and I am really happy with how he turned out.  Now I can't wait to use him and call mortars and artillery on the enemies of the Imperial Guard :).  And here are the other two, good but I like the above model better.

 And these guys are not too bad either, note that they are from the cadian command squad sprue.  Buy them up on ebay, I got like 8 more for only a little, they are cheap.  If you were smart (not me :( )  you have saved them from the kits and now can actually use these models for other thing besides objective counters or for cool looks.  I like the other servitor better, but these are still good looking too and get the job done. I tried the new rust technical paint on the left one, not sure if I like it or not, it looks better far away but up close its meh.  Oh well, I prob will just have to use it a bunch and get the technique down.  

Now these next pics/models come from Mr Byrne who sent me some of his pics of his counts as grot/guardsmen.  As you will see these are a perfect example of counts as done right.

Yes they are technically orks, but he uses the grots as counts as guardsmen and I think they are great.  They have the right weapons, the chimera's are actual chimeras, the look orky but you would have no problem them being used as IG chimeras.  The thing that is important to note here, he is only using the "looted" chimeras for his counts as IG, he doesn't have seven more all across his army.  This is important because not only do they look good, it reduces confusion, the only models he is using for them are different from the rest of his army that it is easy enough to remember what they are being used as.  There is no, are these grots or guardsmen?  Well the guys in chimeras with lasguns are probably guardsmen so no issue.  

I think they are cool and are a great example of how you can fit IG into your army without losing the fluffyness.  And also if anyone else out there has cool conversions or models they have done up for their IG, please feel free to send them my way with whatever info you want posted about them.  I love sharing other people's hard work.  I do ask that it be IG related, as seen here they are "allies".  If your model is really cool I may still post it anyways, but this is an IG blog, most of the time ;).

Hope you are all having a good weekend and getting some games in.  I am shooting for some today or tomorrow so hopefully a battle report will follow finally.  Time to end the dry spell, as useful as its been to painting though.



  1. Thanks for posting up my models!

  2. Love the Grot/guardsmen conversions!

  3. servo skulls on the Cadian command sprue? I don't remember any on the catachan one! so once more the favored sons of the imperium are gifted more goodies to play with than the rest of us :-(

    1. Yeah the pair with the long wires or cables are in the cadian command sprue. Hey its nice to be favored sometimes, they were worthless till Inq codex was released. Besides catachans don't need servo skulls, they just use their noses.

  4. Hey look, and less than a year after finishing my project, GW completely invalidates it! It was fun to make, and fun to play with, but is now no more than a diorama. I am crushed by the changes to the allies chart.