Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New 8th Edition Rumors

Some new rumors have come, and to be honest not to sure how accurate, but that might be more from me not wanting to believe than it being ridiculous. Also I am going to be out of town till sunday, so this is just good timing for me to talk about it before I head out.  Some salt is needed, but it may turn out to be close to the mark.

On number 1, I think this is probably true, if not codexes completely going away.  Its not a wild guess to say that 40k is going to see something like AoS warscrolls.  However, Codexes will most likely remain, if nothing more than "collectors" items.  Even AoS has seen army books come out, though not necessarily for a single faction, but AoS is much smaller so I don't think an Armies of the Imperium codex will replace all the current faction books.  Unit rules will be easily accessible but codex's will be around for having the fluff and a consolidated rules base.

For number 2, I seriously doubt it.  I firmly believe Shadow War is as much a standalone game and test of some of the core rules for 8th edition.  Templates are still in it, and while it doesn't really affect AoS to get rid of them, for 40k, you have things like artillery that blasts really represent properly.  Not saying it can't be done, but I think its unlikely to see the templates leave, especially since Shadow War still has them.

Ugh, I really hope not, but this is again probably going to happen.  While I don't want this to be true, that doesn't mean that it isn't.  It would "fix" things in terms of Monstrous creatures and walkers and even the playing field, but again I think vehicles work well in 40k and getting rid of armor values is not necessary.  BUT, it would simplify the game, and this is the theme of this edition.

Number 4 is pretty much already confirmed, and if you have taken a peak at some of the leaked rules for shadow war, this is basically how it works.  Its fine, not my favorite way of doing things, but its a method that also works.

Hmm, early summer is what I was originally thinking, but as time has gone on, I have moved it back to end of summer early fall.  That being said from a pure business sense early summer is great.  Everyone is out of school and people take time off, so more time for games.  Its a bit simple but not wrong.  I wouldn't be shocked if this was true, but I am still leaning for bit later of a release.

6 is not even a real rumor so won't even bother, as for 7, I doubt it.  Now maybe not, it could end up somewhere in between.  It may be that more units will be able to disembark and then charge.  But that may have nothing to do with vehicles themselves and be on a unit by unit basis, which would also make sense.  Howling banshees should have no problem running out of a vehicle straight into combat, but I would doubt a universal all units can charge out of vehicles.  We will see.

Thats really it, more stuff is dropping and hopefully things will solidify a bit more as we get closer.

Cadia Stands!


  1. Long live Marine as meta. ATSKNF!

  2. Vehicles are wildly impaired in contrast with MC. In most cases, only penetrating hit is enough to reduce vehicle role to just a metal box on battlefield. Conversely, Tyrant or Riptide can easily withstand 3 wounds without reducing its combat effectiveness.

    1. That's one AoS system i like, you loose abilities/weapons as you take wounds. Its the trade off between vehicles and MC's, vehicles can be one shotted but can remain at full force as they loose hull points, MC's can't be one shotted but loose abilities as they get wounded. Obviously weapon destroyed results still stand as well but on the whole I think it balances things out better.

    2. Oh, I have been wanting MCs to have negative modifiers for being wounded for a while. And I think you have it right Steven, having MCs degrade like in AoS would balance things out pretty nicely, though I think MCs should be able to be one shotted by certain weapons.

    3. Personally I would prefer both MCs and Vehicles role on the damage tables. If we can immobilize, shake, stun, destroy weapons and explode vehicles, why can't we sever tendons, blind eyes, give concussions, rip off arms and headshot monstrous creatures?

  3. I can already confirm that #1 is entirely false. Codices will remain and will not be phased out or turned into battletomes at all.

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