Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Fluffy Army: Feudal World Regiment

So I have had an idea for a Guard Regiment for a while and as of yet have not started it, but really think it would be cool and fluffy.  So the basic idea is that it is a regiment recruited from one of the many feudal worlds, basically almost no technology and what they do have barely works.  Army would be heavy in basic infantry, but would also make use of rough riders (knights), psykers(mages), ogryns(ogre slaves) and such.  Heavy weapons would be mounted on carriages and I would like to do a kit bash between a leman russ and steam tank, to represent some ancient tank that they have had but have slapped and repaired it so much over the centuries that it has very little of the leman russ it began as.

I don't have a full fluffy background for them, no name sorry, but basic bones.  The world they come from used to be a relatively mid-level imperial world, not highly advanced but not overpopulated either.  Then a cataclysm struck, much of the infrastructure and tech was destroyed, by the hands +++Sealed by Inquisition+++.  Many survived in the old age of strife fortresses and castles that saw the original human settlers on this world through old night.  During this time an Ogryn auxilia regiment was sent to this world to aid it in its plight, they arrived  centuries late due to vagaries of the warp.  However as they world was recovering it was attacked by an Ork WAAGH!, though small by imperial standards it was large enough that it should have overwhelmed the already devastated world. The late arrival of the Ogryn Auxillia turned into a boon however, with the fleet carrying them able to drive off the ork flotilla and the Ogryns fighting ferociously in a counter attack that drove the orks on the defensive momentarily.  Though they were seen as brutish and unclean and were not welcomed by the people initially, their contribution to fighting the orks saw them trusted by the wars end.  Following the brutal fighting, the depleted auxilia remained on the world, with the governor requesting their permanent presence, which was granted by the deparmento munitorum, and their Auxila's leadership forming part of the worlds new nobility.  The Ogryns spread out and settled, and were used heavily in mining and construction, and to help fight and eradicate the feral orks that occasionally grew in the wastelands.

The ecclesiarchy also played a major role, with the world following its cataclysm.  The event was seen as being caused by their lack of faith and following this they devoted themselves fully to serving the emperor and the Imperium.  Many shrines and religious sites were raised and the priesthood grew extensively.  In the years that followed the world provided regiments for holy crusades.  The priesthood clashed though with another part of the new worlds order following the cataclysm.  Following it the world had seen a rise in psykers, some believed due to +++Sealed by Inquitsition+++.  They were sanctioned, and the world became a hub for training and producing sanctioned psykers, astropaths, and navigators.  They clashed with the ecclesiarchy but both were too powerful to evict the other and accepted and uneasy truce. 

Since then, the world has fought in many conflicts in the neighboring systems and has gained reputations for its piety and willingness to fight against all odds.  They are renowned for their sharpshooters, with intricately crafted laslocks, capable of matching ratlings for their accuracy.  They also are known for their sappers, who gain their experience fighting in the minor conflicts between castellans on their world, and have a reputation for overcome the most stubborn defenses. 

In the end I want the army to have a primitive feel and really flesh out the feudal world concept.  I like it and its talked about in the fluff a lot, but rarely represented.  I want to use a bit of WFB empire models to represent these guys, go heavy on knights, muskets for infantry, cannons for heavy weapons, and through in a steam tank to kit bash a leman russ.  I think this could be a really cool army.  Prop the only 40k models would be the psykers, mabye ogryns with a mix of ogres. 

How does this sound?   I think this could be an awesome army to play, plus it would get some unused units onto the field that I normally wouldn't take but the fluff is enough to justify it for me.  If anyone has done anything similar, I'm sure someone has, I would love to hear and see it.  Send me pics and I will def post them up.  I'm also thinking of experimental rules for them as well, though I will need an army first.  Send me any ideas you have.  Basically want to remove a lot of the high tech weapons for most infantry, replace lasguns with laslocks, change a few orders around, drop all the vehicles except for leman russ, see how it works out.  I do love me some fluff!


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