Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Computer

After many years of suffering through my old computer, I finally have a new one.  And its a good one, nothing too amazing mind you, but a good one non the less.  Why does this matter?  Well I may be taking a break from posting to finally enjoy playing video games again and will be taking advantage of this.  I'll still post, but it may be a little slower due to other distractions :).

Have no fear though, after I get done playing tonight, I'll be working on a post for release sometime tomorrow.



  1. By games you mean porn right?

  2. Enjoy the new computer. Although last time a got a new computer I couldn't get my saved games to transfer! Which was rather annoying, specially as I was 30 odd years in to my career on football manager!

  3. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3556fh

    Enjoy your new machine!

  4. If your old computer was giving you trouble then you should have called that tech priest I see looks like he knows a thing or two.

    Enjoy your new computer and happy gaming :)

    1. The trouble it was giving me was being about 7-8 years old, options were to gut it and replace just about everything, or get a better tower and do the same

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