Sunday, September 8, 2013

An introduction into an obsession

So here I am, doing this blog thing.  It's something that I have thought about but have found one excuse or another to dissuade me till now.  As the title of this post and my blog will suggest, I am obsessed with the Imperial Guard, and 40K in general.  More specifically the fortress world of Cadia.  Oh I know many out there find them ho hum, but I love the violet eyed defenders of the Imperium.  They may be the Ultrasmurfs of the IG, but I love them.  Don't get me wrong, the Steel Legion is awesome too, as well as the Elysian Drop Troops but for me the fortress world of Cadia is my home.

What this blog will be is my thoughts and logs of my obsession in the hobby that is 40K.  No descriptions of my dinner or how horrible work was.  Just wonderful, fluffy Imperial Guard 40kness.  And as a note, I am 100% biased.   I love the IG, not stupid marineses, though much to my dismay my friends and family seem to disagree.  Oh well nobody is perfect.

The near future and maybe even long term will see my thoughts and beliefs about the IG and the hobby in general posted and shared.  Tactics and hobby techniques and just plain geeking out over the fluffyness.  I like fluff if you can't tell.  I have been in the hobby for 10 years and played Imperial Guard the whole way.  I have taken a few brakes over the years but have always come back.  Even when I was away I still read books and kept an eye on the hobby.  I plan on staying with it as long as I am able and, key part, can afford it.  Since I have thousands of points of guardsmen I see little issue on that front.

And now with the beginning at an end all I can say is more will follow and I hope if you read this you will find my thoughts and ideas useful and that you can learn from my mistakes instead of your own.



  1. I dont blame the IG for their short comings, brother. I blame the player! Ha! Seriously, a great start to the blog. Time for me to catch up.

    1. Hmm, shall I bring up the W/L ratio, I don't think its needed but I will. In all seriousness you should def do a review of your thoughts on your new ultra smurf codex.

  2. Great blog! I love the fact that you play Creed... That tactical genius XD