Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh I wish, I wish

Now I have already talked about my wishes for the new Codex and army rules.  What I also really am hoping for is new models and recasts of old models.  There are a lot of options for the Imperial Guard that are only available through forge world, and while the models are nice, I want to have the ability to buy the standard models from my Codex outside of forge world.  With most armies getting plastic kits for their units, I really want to have this as well.  There are a few areas where the Guard really need the models.  One is to have kits that don't exist made in to plastic.  The second is getting the old pewter models into either plastic or finecast.  On a personal note, I like finecast, I have seen that many people have had issues with quality.  I personally haven't and the only reall issues I have had was fragility with the Dark Eldar finecast models I had.  Other than that I like finecast and would be ok with the current metal models being recast into finecast.

So the big glaring hole in the IG model line up is in the Heavy support section.  The artillery are sadly missing all the options except for the Basilisk.  I am hoping for a new plastic kit to include all the options for the artillery battery.  If they rumors are true of a Salamander being added to the new codex, a griffon/salamander kit is another must have.   I really want the griffon, I have yet to kit bash one but having a model for it would make me so happy.  The other big one missing right now is the Hydra, I see this as highly likely as getting a kit, especially with the new AA tanks poping up in other armies, I would be seriously disapointed if the Hydra remained on FW.

Fast attack is pretty good, really the only model that needs an update is Rough Riders.  I personaly hate this unit, but I have nothing against the models.  That being said they are very old and really do deserve a new model.  Not just a recast, but a whole new model.  If they get some decent rules along with them, I'm sure they will start being seen.  This I rate as highly unlikely.  Would also to have a redone valkyrie/vendetta kit that has all the options in one kit.  I don't see this happening but it would be nice.

Troops is actually set as well.  The rumor I have heard is also that some of the classic kits may get a plastic redo.  This would be awesome, the guard are just of diverse that they really do benefit from having more that two plastic model lines.  I personally don't like metal models as general army models, they are fine for special characters and select units, but not army wide.  I like to kit bash and personallze and metal just makes it so much harder.  Another kit I want is a veteran/weapon kit.  Basically have some cool posed bodies and all the weapons that the main infantry packs don't have, ie shotguns, sniper rifles, plasma guns, melta guns.  Also would be nice to have a place I could get melta bombs and other special wargear for troops.  Right now there isn't many options outside of the command squad kit and FW.

Elites need a redo, all the models are pretty old and are all metal.  The kasrkin/stormtroopers are probably the best quality of all of these but I really want to see a plastic stormtrooper/kasrkin kit.  With the space marines having a nearly all plastic elites section, I would love to have that too.  Ogryns, again want a recast into finecast, other than that nothing I can really think of.    Another that could use some new models is the Psykers, they are pretty rough and a new plastic kit for them would be great, give some more options than the same three psykers over and over again.  Ratlings, nothing really wrong with the look of the models, a finecast update would be great.

HQs is actually one of the few sections that have seen some love.  The new finecast commisars are very nice, I like their look a lot.  The latest command squad is hands down my favorit IG kit their is.  The advisors all are nice, nothing really missing their.  A good portion of the special characters have made it to finecast, it would be nice to see the rest make it their but I am imparitial, when it comes to special characters as long as the model looks good I really don't care.    Techpriest could use a new kit that includes servitors, nothing major for them.    Now the one unit that really needs a model is the missionary, they really need a new model or two, the ones that you can find are very old and were never the best models to begin with.  I am really hoping for a new model for them.  I think that about covers it.  Let me know what you think and if I missed anything or if there is  something you want to see.


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