Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hobby Tips: Camouflage

The hobby is prop one of my favorite parts of 40K and in some ways I love it more than gaming itself.  Customizing and kit bashing is one of the best ways of personalizing your army and models, making them your own.  Though I play cadians, I do have a few catachan models and it was during my attempt to create my own Sly Marbo that I stumbled onto a great technique for creating camouflage.  It works great for representing Camo Cloaks on infantry and Camo netting on vehicles and is just plain cool looking :).  Apologize ahead of time for the less than professional pictures.

                                                      Here is my end result of Marbo:

Looks pretty awesome right?  Well I'm sure I wasn't the first to stumble across this technique but if you are reading this and haven't, at least you can learn the easy way rather than the hard way.  You will need three ingredients and that is it.  First is green stuff or equivalent epoxy.   Second is your choice of base flocking, this will form the actual camouflage and give you ghillie suit look.  Choose your flocking based on what camouflage scheme you want.  The third is the glue to hold both together.  PVA glue and regular super glue will work.  

Form the green stuff into the desired thickness, I find thin strips to work the best for infantry and allow you to get the desired look.  Let the green stuff set and when it is firm apply the glue and then your choice of flocking.   Let dry and add more as necessary.  That really is it.  This look can be applied to vehicles as well.  I did up a Chimera as well.

This guy was a custom build and a lot of fun to make.  I used thicker pieces of green stuff and pieced them together to give it a look that the camouflage was draped over it.  One note is that the flocking can come off easily if you aren't careful.  Make sure you are careful when transporting.  Properly stored they hold up well and my Marbo is still kicking ass and looking good after 2 years of use.  

I hope that you find this helpful or at least as cool as I do.  Any questions feel free to ask. 



  1. Thumbs up for this :)
    Really cool

    1. thanks man, They really turned out cool and were suprisingly easy to do.

  2. you could make a gille suit/cape using a bandage gauss and gluing the green grass to it. Btw dont reply back cause i wont be on this site.
    I'm giving a suggestion