Saturday, January 24, 2015

Harlies and Hobby

Well the harlequins are all but confirmed now, and I am surprisingly excited about it.  I love the fluff that they have, and are probably one of the few "factions" I'll get jut for the models.  As long as the models are great, but hey GW is pretty solid there so not a stretch of the imagination. 

Way back when, before I had any 40k and was thinking about getting into it, eldar were the first army the intrigued me.  I loved how they looked, and there fluff was cool from what I knew.  I almost started one.  But then the Armageddon campaign was out and the steel legion stole my heart.

I really do want to get a Dark Eldar army again at some point, though it may be a few years before that happens.  And I will def have a harli troupe or two trolling around cutting people apart and telling jokes.

The leaked rules look good, and I am really interested in the new transport more than anything.  I do love conversion fodder, so looking forward to seeing the model and what I can do with it.  And in the end these will be fun models just to paint and go all out on. 

How this also makes me happy is that it makes some of the other rumors a bit more likely, and this may be the year of mini 40k armies.  I actually really like the thought of this, have a couple of major faction codex updates, but otherwise release new model ranges for mini factions, and of course skitarii are my biggest hope.  Hopefully since harlies panned out, some of the others will too (deathwatch yeah!).


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  1. A while ago you said you wanted to see 2k of storm troopers, I've got slightly over!