Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Enemy Resurgent: Dark Eldar

The Dark Eldar are coming soon, and while it is not sounding like a huge shake up, they look to be getting a decent update.  My hope is that they will shake things up a bit and be a strong army to compete.  We will see but I am hopeful

I do have a bit of a soft spot for Dark Eldar, I had an army a while back, which I unfortunately sold. To be honest though I bought a lot of the wrong things and my army sucked, and the money went to good use.  So I have a chance of starting over now and getting a new army.  I like the DE because they are the polar opposite to the Imperial Guard in so many things.  Incredibly fast, fragile, but capable of really dealing with CC while being good at close range shooting.

Oh and they are getting the bomber finally and she is a beauty!

And it looks like from the White Dwarf she will have more weapon options than before.  This could be a huge boon to DE, giving them a strong anti armor boost that they need beyond haywire grenades. 

I do hope they shake the meta up, and part of that I hope is the baron going bye bye.  This will affect eldar and help to lessen some of their powerful builds.  Mind you it won't make eldar suck as wave serpents are still amazing, but dealing a blow to the psychic deathstar is something I would be happy about.

If they get the right tweaks though, they could be really powerful and affect some of the stronger armies.  They have the speed and potential shooting/assualt to hurt eldar and tau, as well as multiple Imperial armies.  If they get a few more ways to deal with knights, then we'll have an army that will need to be taken into account and help shift things about.  Honestly I would love to see some pure/mostly DE armies rather than Baron/Blaster born + other army.

So hopefully this is a decent update, and I look forward to gunning the bastards down, and maybe being a little evil myself :).



  1. The Dark Eldar was my first army (way back in 3rd edition). That army was tough to use- fragile, weak against everything- only the Incubi and Talos were anything good (and Dark Lances, though they usually died before doing any damage). Then, adding insult to injury, GW forgot about them for a decade.

    The revamp in 2010 was fantastic, complete with great models and a solid codex that had multiple viable builds (even excluding the Baron). I hope this new codex will continue the trend of giving the DE the respect they deserve.

  2. this is the army my wife started with, and she loves painting and playing them, but i just hope they become a little easier to play, cause we get hit with wave serpents and knights all the time, and her win ratio is a bit sad

  3. When it comes to 40K I'm a fluff nut but the DE are a bit much for me there fluff is just plain creepy. Don't get me wrong they can be a grate army but there is nothing good about them from the beginning to the end but this is just my own opinion so don't take me seriously:) I am glad they got an update they needed one.

    1. I like that they are unrepentantly evil, they just don't give an F.

    2. True there motto is Murder time fun time!
      That bomber does look sweet.