Thursday, September 4, 2014

I has Internets!

Finally I have internet again.  Basically had to rerun phone/data lines throughout the house, fun part about owning a home.  But it is done and I am back online.  Otherwise the moving experience hasn't been too horrible, besides my dogs relentlessly trying to escape and being semi successful at it -_-.

So now that I am back I will be posting more regularly, with moving being pretty much done.  And hopefully I will be gaming soon again too, I have  a lot of tactics I want to actually try out. I have been keeping up in the world of 40k though so I am looking forward to the future releases.  I know GK is a cotnroversial release, overall I don't think its a bad one, if not an overwhelmingly amazing release either. 

Hopefully DE get some good stuff in their upcoming one, we will see.  A lot is rumored and conflicts with each other, so really at this point who knows till the WD start getting leaked.  I will give GW credit, they have plugged their leaks pretty good, with really the only big information coming when a WD is leaked early.

Future posts I am looking at doing is continuing with the Codex Tactica, as well as going into more advanced tactics.  I would really like to get another history post in too.  If I can play some games then more batreps will come, though I think this weekend is going to be painting.  Otherwise more is coming, and I still have to make some assassins to play with them.

Hope everyone else is doing well and see all again soon.