Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dark Eldar: Hmmm....

So the dark eldar are pretty much leaked and in any case the codex is out soon and can confirm them if not true.  I don't know what to think.  Its not an amazing update, but sadly wasn't expecting to be one with the latest codex's as examples.  I don't think its an out and out stinker, but its really hard to say how its going to fare and whether it will be able to climb up, or be like tyranids and need serious help in forms of dataslates and formations to make it to the top.

So off the bat wytchs got hit very hard, with nothing to help survivability directly and losing haywire grenades.  There is no AP2 cc weapons in the book so this is another obstacle to overcome.  Dark lance ravagers are bit more expensive, not a lot but may make a difference.  But there is a  lot of points reductions that even this out.  The void raven could be very good, its fragile but has some good damage potential. 

Talos and Chronos engines can be in a squadron of 1-3 which is awesome, wracks and grotesques are good, reavers and scourges look to be better.  Razor wing is in fast attack finally. Succubus is better, mandrakes a fucking good finally. 

Really there are some good things about the new dark eldar book, and some definite bad.  Will they be good?  I think so.  The biggest thing they will have to overcome is the same issue they have had for a while, dealing with armor.  Wytches are not the unti for this anymore.  But Scourges may be, if the rumored 4 weapons in 5 man squad is true, having two small squads with 4 haywire blasters apiece is a great way to kill vehicles.  I see these being a go to unit. 

What I see is an army that is not really universally relying on CC to deal with threats.  They are shooty, and honestly have been for a while so no real big change there, but CC is good for a few units.  Grotesques and talos will do well here, and with working archons court they can potentially too.  Wytches sadly, idk, they may work situationally but they seem to have issues, hopefully someone figures out how to use them.

While DE may lack Ap2 cc weapons, they probably have access to some of the most AP2 shooting, and safest.  So there is your hint, shoot termie equivalents, don't punch them.  Otherwise though they can deal with other cc units pretty well, and can still deal with small 2+ save units like other armies do, drown them in attacks.

There are a lot of naysayers right now, and they may end up being right.  But I see some good here, and I hope there is, as I really want DE to be a good army, maybe not great, but I'll take good, as I think the game needs it.  So we'll see for sure in a few days.



  1. I think that there are several factors at work with regards to opinions. Everyone wants a eldar or tau codex, full of op units, or they always want every new codex to be the top codex until the next release.

    Personally I think the codexes all need a reboot. Rebalancing each codex to try and make all optoons good ones but still give a variety of play styles. No matter what happens I think DE will be just as competative as they were. I think gw are trying to make every army different, and this is there take on DE. We'll see soon enough.

    1. I agree a reboot is needed, everyone wants a counter to eldar, but fortunately Gw is doing it the right way by not releasing new power codexs, instead we'll just have to wait for the eldar redo and hope enough little things change to shift eldar. Luckily a lot of the psychic stars they use are hurt by the new DE book, so they are left with wave serpent spam as the power build. While strong, its easier to beat than an invincible unit.

    2. Yeah to be fair in 7th Tau are not that strong anymore. Yes they are still good, but not as great as they were in 6th, when vehicles were weaker and they could ally in with eldar for the buffs.

      I feel that several point changes and they would be just in line with the other dexes. But eldar really need some re balancing...

  2. In a week, everyone will going nuts over how OP the new DE book is. Did you see how many reavers you can fit into their CAD now? 54. And that's not even 750 points. And the scourges, with each group with 5 haywire blasters.
    Or the formations? 4+ FNP MC's with reroll on 1's (for failed FNP). [possibly 3+ FNP]. You can buy venoms for individual units (mandrakes in venoms).

    It's an awesome awesome codex.

    1. Im happy in that they made the DE units that I always liked better, scourges and reavers have been my favorites, and I have always liked the creepy uncles of the DE so really the only army style hit hard is the wyches, they will be tough to play, but a lot of the other army styles will do better.

  3. They do have AP2 CC in the Archite Glaive and in Incubi, which might see a big revival now that +3 cover same assault transports are a thing. Combined with an Archon to soak wounds (with the new improved Shadow Field) and you've got a unit that potentially competes with assault terminators in CC.

    I'm also forseeing Court of the Archon units with Webway Portals accurately deep striking and then messing things up with their AP3 S4 flamers that will basically delete a unit when they come on.

    DE aren't great, not by a long shot, but they have a few genuine jewels.

    Now wait for the Coven supplement to help them out a bunch.

    1. Missed that, yeah I def can see incubi working well in this book and the succubus is going to a very common sight. The court is strong now especially with a webway. Stealth to their vehicles help their transports out a lot, really only the venom cares about shooting but with as many shots as it has, it won't be hurt too much when it needs to jink. Ravagers may no longer be go to any more, we'll see if the voidraven steps up.