Thursday, October 23, 2014

Product Review: Citadel Paint Station

So I have been on a business trip, or at least the army's version of it.  I haven't done a product review, but my experience on this trip compels me to do so.  I am preparing for a tournament coming up and have a bunch of scions to paint.  So I brought them with me on my trip and a Citadel paint station.

And it was great.  The station works really well, and I could easily paint while sitting on my bed in the hotel room.  It has indents on the bottom that can sit over your legs and fits really well, giving you a stable station where you don't really have a hobby table.  The spots for the paints and pot actually work, I got off the bed multiple times, moved around, dropped stuff on the bed and everything staid in place.  Not saying you can't knock stuff over, but it keeps things pretty darn stable and is comfortable to use.

Its pretty easy to pack too, it doesn't take up much space at all if you know how to pack it right.  The backing and edges come up, but packing it between clothes and it takes up only a little bit of space.  I recommend using a real suitcase and not a duffel bag, more for your models sake than this.  If using a duffel, make sure to properly cushion your models and preferably in a small hard case container, though tupperware will work if needed.

For about 50 bucks you get a nice mobile paint station that fits in your lap, suitcase, and can go where you go.  For something as simple as moving from one room to the house to another, its great for what it is.

This is one of the few GW hobby tools that I actually would recommend.  I really like it and it made painting my scions while on the road an easy proposition, and when I was done painting at night I would just move the station, with models paints and all to the side of the bed, and pick it up the next night and begin where I left off.

For next time, hopefully the painted models actually, and maybe a bat rep of the tournament.  We'll see, got a lot of travel over the next few days.  Hope this was helpful.


  1. Not being much of a painter, all I got out of that is that we can expect a tournament report featuring Scions coming up. Amiright?

  2. GG, I think its time to get rid of your gaming computer. The blog is a little stagnant lately.

    1. Yeah, I'll live my life how I want to live it, sorry

    2. Somehow managed to miss this post first time around. Glad I found it though, I've been thinking about something like this for a while as I tend to get an hour here and there to paint these days, and setting up and clearing my paints seems to take up most of my time.

      How is the fudal thing going these days? Getting far with it? s

    3. Yeah, the paint station is really nice and easy way to have your paints available for use without taking up a bunch of space or set up time. Keep the paints you need and models you are working on on it, put it up when your done, grab it when you want to paint, its really nice. Plus if you want to move into another room its easy, and you don't have to worry about having a table, keep it in your lap.

      I haven't played in about a week or so, taking a break and waiting to see how the updates fall out. Its fun, but want to see how much support it gets before getting fully invested in it. Plus our server started going to hell.

  3. You're not allowed to live your life the way you want. Lol. Its called constructive criticism. Doesn't matter to me if you use it or not.