Thursday, October 30, 2014

Forge World Ordering Promotion

Got this tip from Mike, in an email.  Thought it would be good to pass the info along.  Forge world is starting a promotion today where when you place an order, the next order will have free standard shipping.  This is a pretty big deal as FW shipping can add up, especially on the bigger items.

You can order your flyer weapons first, then order the actual flyer in the second order to get free shipping on the bigger item.  Note its just free standard shipping, so depending on where you order or what, you may still have to pay shipping.  In either case this is good to know about and to take advantage of. 

Thanks agian Mike!



  1. Nice catch! Thanks for sharing. My wallet hates you now.

    1. Thanks go to Mike for sharing it with me. Its ok, I'll survive, your wallet might not :p