Monday, December 2, 2013

Hobby Update: The Inquisitor

So I have finally got my inquisitor painted and based.  He is now ready for fighting the enemies of the emperor.  He is my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and that is my custom needle pistol for him.  I wanted him to match the colors of my storm troopers colors so that they would match color scheme wise.  He is certainly not 100% and I will be touching him up for a while but he passes muster at this point.  Sorry I am by no means an expert painter so you will never find the most amazingly painted models here.  Maybe one day.

I am really happy how he turned out and when ever I decide go back and touch him up he will really look good.  He was really hard to paint because of the color of my storm troopers, which are scab red clothes and black armor.  The reason this was a pain was because this guy didn't have as much clothes other than his robes so I had to find places for the red to have good highlights and accent the armor without him looking like a black blob.   Used tin bitz and dwarf bronze for most of the metallics and then just did different colors to add to detail and give him a sinister look.

As you can see with him next to the storm trooper that they match pretty well and I can use the storm troopers as henchmen or as allies if I want to and they will match and look like they belong together.  I really like how he looks with the red coming from his eyepieces and it really gives him a nice sinister inquisitorial look to him :).   Either way I am happy and now feel better using him as I hate having unpainted models on the board.  Pluse maybe he will do better now that he is painted up.  One can hope :).



  1. for someone who claims not to be very good at painting those models look very impressive,

    1. Thank you. I am a perfectionist, there are still lots of little things that need touch up if you look closely, its by no means perfect