Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Whole Blog Thing

So first off I want to thank everyone that has visited, commented, and sent anything.  I only recently got into this blog thing I have to say it has been something that I have come to enjoy.  Its been only a few months but I have gone from just talking to myself to actually having conversations with some of you out there.  This is probably the thing I enjoy the most about this.  Despite what I may say, I am not the keeper of all knowledge, and hearing others thoughts and ideas is awesome and its great to be able to share the knowledge, whether someone learns something on this blog, or I learn it from one of you.  Now where is this blog going?

That is a good question.  The answer is I don't fully know.  I would love to have a community of players, namely Imperial Guard but not only, that discuss and share their experiences and ideas.  This is a big game with it going on all over the world.  You experience it very different from the way I do and its awesome to hear that.  When I started I knew I wanted to talk about tactics, hobby stuff, basic strategy and ideas about the game.

This has certainly morphed over time.   I now just going through my blog that I like two things, tactics articles and opinions.  Well I don't plan on changing that, I enjoy writing them and you all seem to like them.  I would like to do more hobby stuff, but right now I'm not working on too much so there is very little to show.  One downside to already having most of your army.  Batreps will continue as long as I have battles, I will try and get better at them. I am really bad at taking pictures so hopefully with time they will get better.

In time my posting will slow down, the holidays are approaching and I'm not sure how much I will pick back up after the new year.  I will see, I have no intention of stopping but it may slow down to a few  a week, mostly on weekends kind of thing, or it may not, it will depend on life.  I certainly will keep on posting and will have plenty to talk about when the new IG codex hits.

As this goes on, expect to see the site grow, and more to be added to it.  Also please continue sending requests or anything you want shown off.  If you have some great looking IG models or just great looking models in general, please send them and I will be happy to share them.

I want a balance between you and me.  This is my blog, and it will probably be my blog for a long time.  But at the same time I don't enjoy just talking to myself and I enjoy sharing ideas and conversations with all of you.  So if there are things that you want or are interested in, let me know.  Now if you want me to start a thing on how great eldar are, well fuck off thats not happening.  But if you think I am neglecting armored IG tactics and you have something to share, please let me know.

I will never be trendy, I can promise you that.  This will remain a home for the Imperial Guard as long as this blog is mine.  I will certainly talk about the new things and other upcoming stuff, but it will always be from the guardsman's perspective.

I hope you all had a good week.  Next week, I swear, I will do the advanced infantry tactics articles.  It'll happen :).



  1. Imperial guard is my first real 40k army and the one i love the most. I have read every post you have written since i have found your blog and enjoy them a lot.

    I would be glad to share some of my work with you...i have painted a lot of my guard but still have a lot to do.....

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Tau...i played my first game against them last friday and i won but to do so i had to resort to takin some of our broken Forgeworld units...mainly sabre plateform and thudd guns.....i never use those against other armies but against Tau, i did not felt bad one bit, their codex is quite ridiculous...

    I am not even sure if IG can even win against them using the normal codex....three riptides and those xv88 can be quit hard to deal with...and they can reduce our firepower really fast.....this is where saber platform and thud guns saves the day.....

    Anyway i really enjoy your blog.

    1. Feel free to send them my way.

      I don't think those are needed against Tau, I am a purist at heart and believe in taking from the codex, but I would not feel bad in any way either though. Well I know IG can win against Tau with the normal codex because I have done it. It is hard and you have to be on your game till the very end.

      But taking certain allies help a ton as well, so who is to say taking sabre defense platforms is wrong but inquisitors isn't. Winning against Tau is a big game of managing your orders and taking advantage of their weakness, mainly lack of range beyond 36" and low leadership

    2. You are right about the Low leadership issue, the game i played, my Psyker battle squad made at least three troops and his Lord with XV88 suits runn off the board. They are weak but they are stonrg :)

      You are right about taking only units from the codex, before that game, i never played these units, i only tested them because it was Tau and my opponent gave me is blessing.....The Sabre platform and Thudd guns, did not do that much damage but they kept him busy while the real damage was done...

      If i would replay him without those, i would bring more AV14 (Leman russes), normal Heavy Weapon teams would not last long....

      Anyway...can't wait for the new Codex, l'et's hope they make our hammer hit harder :)

    3. You take out the markerlights and you have only an average shooting army. Riptides are only mean when shooting at BS6 with ignores cover. Target the markerlights early and then go for making leadership and pinning checks. Mortars are wonderful at that.

  2. as always I enjoy your blog, although I think we'll disagree with the eldar thing, I'm a fan of jetbikes. Its always good to talk to others about the hobby and exchange ideas and opinions, its certainly given me some new ideas.

    all I can say is keep up the good work and I look forward to the new codex coming out, as you say, there will be lots to talk about when it does!

    1. Well you can enjoy your rainbow dancers, and I will enjoy killing them. It is, no one is the keeper of all knowledge and sharing ideas and experiences reduces the learning curve tremendously

  3. As my previous posters, I enjoy this blog very much.

    Since binge-reading Gaunt's Ghosts, the IG is my absolute favorite army, despite having started with IHs.
    Their style can include anything a current real army has to offer, as well as a lot of sci-fi-stuff, so there are limitless possibilities, compared to the somewhat copy-paste bolter-wielding cans.
    Your tactics and the discussions about them helped a lot to get them effective, and gave new insight I haven't found out yet.

    As for my own army, I'd love to share it with you.
    It uses SM allies for special forces, but except for that, I stick to the regular codex and don't use Inquisitor or Stronghold parts, my current Hit&Run shenanigans work out pretty fine.
    My goal is to get my current models/conversions finished till new year and get some proper photos done, we'll see...

    1. I love that about the guard too. There is no limit to what you want your regiment to look like and how you want it to function. I am glad I have been a help and if there is anything you want me to cover specifically let me know.

      I like the sound of your army. I am always of the mind of making your army the way you want to play it. If you like SM allies, go for it and make it yours. I like fortifications, its me, and playing different ways doesn't make your army less viable. I think that is lost in the current meta, too many trying to find the One answer when in most cases there isn't one and they are missing out on all the options they could be using.

    2. And please send pics when you are done with your guys :). Thanks for the support

    3. As for the fortifications, they simply aren't my style.
      The thing I enjoy most about my army is being roughly as flexible as Eldar (in some ways more, in some ways less), staying back behind some fortification would limit that too much.

      As I only play local fun games, finding the one solution isn't necessary.
      Most games feature take-all-corners lists, so they don't require hard counters, netlist spam or maxed out choices to win.
      Trying to gain advantages of expensive addon books (which no one else uses outside of special events) seems unnecessary, and I don't want to force powergaming, that would ruin it on the long run for me.

      For now, I explore the possibilities of my current army style further, and I'm excited to see how IG will change in the upcoming codex.

    4. Then don't use them, if you like to be mobile, then keep your points there. I love fortifications, but I also love playing the grinding war of attrition and whittling my opponent down before the final infantry charge to finish them off.

      I think there is a way to incorporate the new books without power gaming. If it fits your army and you like it then bring it, if not then don't. I won't be fielding the baneblade with my infantry, my army has no tracked vehicles and thats not changing. I might bring it with my armored army though to have a little fun.

      For your style I would look heavily at scouts in land speeder storms with white scars CTs, that will really complement your army style well it seems and you won't be sinking a lot of points in it either, plus I have seen awesome conversions with scouts and speeders for IG. Scout sentinels can be good, just don't give them anything other than their multi lasers, keep them cheap and in cover or outflanking. There is some great ways for you to play the fast IG army

  4. Thank you so much for this blog.
    My own converted regiment is still under construction and hasn't reached 1000p yet, but I have found new ideas and tactics here I haven't thought about.

    I tried the Leman Russ Vanquisher and Void Shields this weekend and it was quite nice. I also want to add a Inquisitor detachment soon.

    Its really nice to read things from a guards perspective.

    1. You are welcome, thanks for the support. Nice I am glad that it worked, I haven't tested the void shields yet, so its nice to see theory hammer work out. You can change up the russ variants or use different variants, I just really like vanquishers personally, my word is far from gospel though.

      I like the imperial guard and that won't change.

    2. The void shield itself did no soak up a lot of damage, as it only had two two shields. But it was a nice detraction and protected my allies griffon from a few hits.
      From the Leman Russ variants I tried out, I liked the Eradicator very much. I had to battle Tau, Eldar and low amoured Chaos troops in the past, so it worked very well.

      Because I have no real anti tank at the moment, the Vanquisher was a nice replacement in the last match.
      There is still so much to build and paint (and magnetize) ��

    3. Eradicator isn't bad, but try out the Colossus, it does what the eradicator does, but it does it better and cheaper. The vanquisher is an awesome anti-tank, if you are missing some then keep it in your army. If you can find the points for that third shield that would prob be good, but depends on what your taking points from to do it.

      In the end its there to eat some fire that your guys would otherwise be taking in the face. I can see it being really effective when bringing three of them or more at higher point levels, thats alot of AV 12 to get through

  5. Just started playing 40k after my friends turned me onto it. I have 2 LR tanks, a chimera, armored sentinel, hws, command squad, and 6 Inf squads. Your blog has been super informative and has helped me understand how the IG all fit together to make a pretty sweet fighting force. Preciate it all, keep it coming

    1. Glad to help and keep on collecting, the IG is a very rewarding and fun army to play and always has different toys to use.