Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hobby Post: Lasgun Conversions

Time for something fun, conversions!  And today, going to go over some ways to convert the humble lasgun for your troops.  Going to cover multiple things from sniper/designated marksman rifles, to just simple changes to standard lasguns.  Good way for you to mark out your veterans or elite squads and just to show off your modeling skills.

These are a few quick ways to get yourself a sniper rifle or DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle).  Note these were quick "proof of concept" conversions.  The top is a hotshot lasgun with its barrel clipped off and the barrel of a scout sniper rifle added, you could cut the barrel back to the silencer for a more spec ops look to your scions hotshots.

The Middle is the front barrel of a hotshot attached the stock of the lasgun, with the scope of the hotshot clipped and then attached.  This is my personal choice to modify my rifles in general and kit out vet squads, has a nice battle rifle look.

The bottom is the barrel of a scout sniper rifle attached and the scope carefully cut out and cleaned up to fit on the rifle, though you'll need a tiny bit of green stuff as the the central piece is not tall enough so the scope cants up in the front.  Other wise I like this for making sniper rifles or DMRs for squads.  Its quick and easy.

So next, just some messing around with the standard lasguns.  The top is Catachan, bottom Cadian.   I had the idea to just swap the barrels, giving the catachan a carbine look, and the cadian having a battle rifle look with an extended barrel.

Here is the cadian rifle with the catachan barrel.  You could add a targeter/scope for another DMR option.

Here is the catachan with the cadian barrel, and I cut out the stock, not too happy with the stock so probably wouldn't bother with that again.

Well there you are.  All of these are quick and easy modifications to lasguns, though cut carefully to get the cut as level as possible.  All these bits are readily available on ebay so you can get a hold of them easily.

Cadia Stands!


  1. One of the conversions I did for my MT's was to cut the rear section out of a catachan rifle barrel but keep the central lug thing. (Does that make sense?)

    1. I think so, that sounds like another good conversion.