Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hobby Post: Officio Assassinorum

 Today, a bit of a break from the normal and show off the (finally!) painted assassin models.  I bought all four a good while back and they sat for a while primed, but nothing else.  Well this week I finally got to them and finished them.  While they won't be winning any golden demon awards, I am happy with them.  Apologize for the photo quality, need to get a new one.

Got the backside of all four, I will say its very different painting models that are all black, as highlighting is not my strong suit.  But they came out pretty well.

Vindicare assassin, while the pose is not my favorite, it has grown on me.

The Eversor is probably my favorite of the new assassin models, just gives off a quick menace.

The Callidus is a fine model, not an exceptional pose, but still looks good enough.

The Culexus is definitely my second favorite of the new assassins, just know he is going to kill you.

Its good to be doing the hobby again, and going to have some more to show off soon, should have a few conversions finished next week to show off.

Hope you enjoy.

Cadia Stands!


  1. Nice models, I keep planning on kit bashing some together at some point, hopefully to keep them more in line with my armies, rather than official officio assassinorum.

  2. Blimey it's an assassin extravaganza! That's the third execution force I've seen done this month! Was there a memo I missed?

    They look great, can't wait to see the conversions too!

    1. Thanks. You know, now that I think about it, I bet it has to do with fall of Cadia, as the Castellans detachment lets you take assassins. Though thats not why I finished them, I am going through my to do list and painting, they were just first on the list.