Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hobby Post: Astra Militarum Chimera & Salamander Conversions

As I promised, I have FINALLY!! completed these conversions, though a bit has changed since I showed them off here and here.  When the Taurox came out, I really liked the look of the turret and really wanted to have a unique looking chimera for my commander to ride in.  Over all the conversion is actually really simple.  My problem is that I used up all my hatches before counting and ran out, luckily I finally acquired another hatch to finish the turret.  Also finished my salamander scout tank.

Here it is unpainted/primed.  If you remember or clicked on the first link, I had initially done it with the heavy stubber on top with a blast shield.  The damn thing would not stay up no matter what I tried, and to be honest, after I did a few similar conversions to my tauroxes with the heavy stubber in the turret, I liked this look better.

As for getting the multi-laser to fit, had to do a little shaving on the outside to get it to fit in the weapons mount in the side turret.  The barrel of the sentinel MLs would fit better, but is significantly shorter and i personally like it longer.  For the little antenna that you can see easier later, I just clipped it off of an extra scion vox caster.  As for the stubber, I cut the barrel off the main piece, cleaned both up and fed the barrel through the opening and glued it back together.  Also the nice thing since it is not actually glued to the turret, the stubber will rotate left and right without moving the turret.  More of a "looks cool" than anything.

Hatch open
 Also a nice thing is that the hatch fits really snug, so I ended up not even gluing it so it can open and close at will.

Hatch closed
And here is it painted, has a little dust on the hull despite my furious wiping though.

I am very happy how it turned out and that it is finally done.  As for how I got it to attach to the hull, I just used the bottom piece of the chimera turret and cut it to fit the bottom of the taurox turret and then glued the taurox turret to that, so it fits and turns like a normal turret and its really hard to notice.  The only non IG piece that I used was the targeter, which came from a space marine kit.  Other wise if you have a new chimera kit and a taurox, build the taurox with the missile launcher and you'll have spare turret for the conversion.  That or ebay.

The other project I completed is my salamander scout vehicle, which is based off an old forge world model.  I used the base of a Manticore/deathstrike kit and bits of the firing positions/heavy stubbers from the baneblade kit for the stormsword(vulcan mega bolter one).  Originally I green stuffed all the side armor plating, but I had acquired the launcher system for a manticore and used that for the side armor.

The autocannon is from the hydra kit, though I don't remember what I used for the barrel to attach to.

probably won't see table use a whole lot, as the rules are nothing spectacular for it, but I just like the aesthetics.

And there it is.  Happy to be knocking things off the hobby list again.

Cadia Stands!

Edit: I finally found the charger for my good camera, so going to have much better quality photos than you saw for the assassins.


  1. Looking good, they're a couple of tasty conversions!

    Also, kudos on the blogging front, you're churning these out at a rapid pace!

    I'm currently doing some spotlight articles on my own blog, highlighting other's efforts and yours features this evening - http://theburningeye.blogspot.co.uk around 7pm GMT

    1. Thank you, the chimera is one of my favorites that I've done in a while.

      I'm trying to get back in to it with both feet, plus I can usually do two at a time especially with the hobby posts (mostly just taking pics), and then release later.

      Thank you for the spotlight, I appreciate it. I'll be sure to keep your blog in my mind for future posts.

    2. My pleasure - I've got a blogroll on the side of my blog with the latest articles from my reading list, but I'm not sure how much people really read those, so figured it would be kinda fun to do a post highlighting each of the blogs in turn. I haven't completely settled on a regular format yet so each one looks a little different, but anything to encourage visits to my fellow bloggers is a good thing!

    3. The main issue with blogrolls is that they don't show up in mobile view, at least not on any of the blogs I follow!