Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hobby Post: Converted Taurox Turret for Chimera

Alright switching gears and time for some hobby.  I am still working on my loads of new scions, so that is taking some time.  But I had an idea back when I first looked at the Taurox turret for converting it for use on the Chimera.  This was probably one of the easiest conversion works I have ever done so if you like the look you can do this real easy.

What you will need is a standard taurox turret with the side weapon mount glued on as well, the bottom piece of a chimera turret, and the weapon option you want to attach.  Then from there it really is whatever weapons you want to throw on or other bits.

After gluing the taurox turret together, cut off the little notches that are meant to slide into the taurox turret.  If you want a tighter fit, you can also cut off the ring as well.  Then line up the chimera bottom piece, with the narrow end towards the back of the turret, instead of at the front like a chimera's.  Then find where you want it to line up, a corner of the chimera turret will stick out, so you can leave it if you don't mind or just line it up and cut it off like I did.  For the multi laser, you will need to shave a little bit off of the bar piece on the side in order for it to fit and then just line it up and glue it in.

I also used a baneblade heavy stubber with the blast shield because I like it, and left the hatch open, when I finish this I'll pop a guy inside to man the gun.  I used a left over space marine targeting array from a rhino kit as I like it better than the taurox, but the standard taurox one looks just as fine as well.

This isn't finished by no means as there is cleaning left to do as well as adding green stuff to the gaps.  The empty side of the turret is a good place for a hunter killer missile or smoke launchers, or you could even side mount the heavy stubber.  Lots of options here when it comes to converting and I like that the turret looks beefier than the chimera's standard turret. 

Thats all for today, just wanted to post this quick modeling tip for those that are interested.



  1. Very nice. I'm a big fan of alternate turrets on vehicles (or cross kit bashing), as it really lends a unique character to an army. The chimera looks great!

  2. That's really good. Great idea! Well done

  3. That horrible model can be saved! You am genius!

  4. Great idea.
    I probably won't use it on my next chimera (as it would be different than the previous 4), but there's always some conversions that would look a lot better with that.
    Maybe for a TW Scorpion Tank...

  5. Looks nice. Consider hanging that HK missile off of the left side of the turret -- would balance it nicely.

  6. I can see the Imperial guardsmen in this going at full speed straight at the largest group of enemy's and shouting DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA XD

  7. Really like this! Do you think it would be difficult to mount the weapon to the other side of the turret instead? I think that might give the model better balence as the turret is already offset.

    1. I would agree, if you can mount it on the other side it would look more balanced, it looks quite lop sided at the moment.

    2. It would be harder, as the side piece only fits on one side. You can try though, I would suggest either attaching it on the tapered side, or you could try flipping it over and see how it looks.

      Other option is when gluing the bottom chimera turret piece to the taurox turret is to off set it, instead of gluing in the middle do it on the far side so the turret would be more centered.

  8. if you want a alt turret, I use a $.99 store Matilda I turrent. Nice for autocannon (forge world) or just a jacketed m-laser.

    I use the hulls as quick and dirty Hell Hounds using HH. turrets :)