Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blog Milestone and Updates

Well just the other day my blog reached another milestone and one that I am happy to have reached.  Yesterday I topped over 300,000 views , two months from when I reached 200,000.  I am happy that the blog is continuing to grow and people are reading and discussing, I appreciate the support and will continue doing what I am doing.  Ok enough about me.

At the request of a commenter, I have created a new section that covers Militarum Tempestus specifically.  So if you are looking for info on them, tactics, or hobby ideas, go to the top of the page and click on the Tempestus tab.  I'll keep that updated as I keep playing and using the army.  In line with that as well, the Segmentum Command site is up and running and even big kev is posting articles on orks if you are looking for that.

More updates will follow soon as I update the other pages to keep them accurate, and have no worries, Imperial Guard specific posts will continue as well :).

Thanks for the support and hope to keep posting what you find interesting and worthy of reading.



  1. Congratulation on yet another milestone. Your blog are simple the best out there for us IG and TS players and even for players that don´t play those armies :D

  2. I am a relatively new IG player and 40k player, having started both in 2012. I am extremely grateful I found this blog and hope that it improves my game. Thanks to your MT posts I have already purchased 10 Scions and am looking forward to seeing how well they work with my new Valkyrie!

  3. Congrats on the mile stone, the blogs as good as ever and full of useful info as always.

    I have a slightly off topic question to ask, if that's ok. I'm starting to put together an Inquisition detachment, but only have a ripped copy of the codex, an so no FaQ and Errata (will get the proper one when I actually play with them), and if I remember right you have a digital copy? If not sorry, and ignore the rest of the question.

    Now the question, for both Crusaders and Death Cult Assassin's it just says power weapons, now I'll arm the DCA with power swords anyway, but was thinking of arming the crusaders with power axes. Just wanted to know if it has been FaQ'd to read power swords rather then just power weapons. I don't want to have to remodel everything later if I don't have to.

    Cheers for any info you can give me.

    1. I just checked mine, it says power weapons for both, however I have the epub version not Ipad. the Ipad automatically updates, where the epub doesn't, so mine may very well be out of date.

    2. Cheers, so axes it is then, should end up with a nice versatile army, mt's for surgical strikes, inquisition of a hard hitting cc unit and the guard to hold the line!

  4. Very well done not many blogs can say that they have grown as fast. I like coming home from work and having a quick read of your stuff, IMOP it is the best for IG players as said by Ulfast and for people wanting to play IG they should come to your blog. Our 40K history posts are great I would love to see one on the most badass imperial guardsmen out there the Death Korps of Krieg. keep your flawless work grumpy:)

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  6. Congrats on this milestone! I do check in here now and again to see what the "Industry" is thinking with respect to strategies and combos on the table.

    I've kind of started my own blog, which is more to post battle reports so I don't forget some of my idiot tactical maneuvers too fast... :) if you're interested at all.

  7. Well done! This is my go to 40k blog and I love reading it.

    Keep on providing information so we can defend the Imperium!

  8. Congratulations! It´s nice to read all your strategies. It has made me improve a lot. Keep it up!