Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hobby Post: Ork Army Showcase

Related to yesterdays battle report I am going to showcase my brothers ork army.  He has put a lot of work into them and is  great painter.  All of his orks are painted using a wash technique, where he bases them white and then uses washes only to paint them, with metallic paints only for the metal parts.  Its an awesome technique and looks great when done right.  Above and below is his big mek.

Here is his custom aegis defense line, he used parts from his dakka jet to make the quad gun and lots of ork bits for the line.

Here is his looted wagon and killa kans.

Here is his dakka jet, as we all know, red makes it go fasta!

Then all the boys and bikes and lootas

So there they are, some great looking orks and a pain in my side.  And like all orks, they continue to grow.

If you have some great models to show off, feel free to send them my way.



  1. I have to agree, the wash method looks great, those skin tones would otherwise be a nightmare to paint. Good contrasts too, without using more complicated methods.

    And easier painting means you won't get tired of painting the first 10 guys with it, especially for a mass army like orks or guard.

    When I started I considered playing Orks. The kustomizin' seems like a lot of fun, you can do that with whatever base model. Tech-wise it doesn't even need to look like it could ever work, that's how they roll anyway...

    Side-note: Ciaphas Cain - Death or Glory.
    Fun read with lots of orks...

    1. Thank ya. The wash method does make painting mass armies so much faster. I went through around 30 orks in just about half a day.

      Orks are definitely, hands down, the best race for customizing, imo. You dont really have to stay confined in your imagination since you can pretty much make a looted anything.

      Some models shown are unfinished, such as the Looted Wagon. Only done a tiny bit of modifications and have been wanting to do more but keep on forgetting about it.

      Love the Ciaphas Cain novels. Has just the right combination of grimdark with a dash of comedy.

    2. Orks are number one of customizing, followed by IG. But where IG still follows regular military, orks do whatever they want.

      And that's the fun part. To quote a friend: "Let's see, where would that demo charge make sense...wait, why do I even think about that? They don't, so I'll just put it over there. Would be horribly stupid, but it's orks, so who cares..."

  2. Great looking orks! Must be a blast to play against such nice looking models :)

  3. smart very smart