Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hobby Quick Tip: Using Techincal Paints for Basing

Ok so I recently got the Agrellan Earth technical paint and it is actually pretty awesome and you can make some pretty neat bases using it real quick and easy.  As you can kind of see, when it dries it cracks and makes a cool cracked earth look, like a mud flat that dried out or a desert.  If you are unsure what to base your army with or just don't want to do all the gluing then this is a great option.  I know people like to get on GW for how much their stuff is, but look at what they are coming out now with.  The paints over all have improved greatly over the years and continue to expand.   Here is how it looks once its all dried.

Now you should put a base coat of paint underneath before putting the technical on.  The technical doesn't dry well on straight plastic and doesn't crack as well.  Though is you want the cracks to be much smaller you could try that out but I would not recommend it.  You should base coat it in a color that you want to complement the cracks, brown was used on this one.  You throw a few tufts of grass on there and can call it a day.
But that's not all, this also can be use to make some really cool volcano base.  My brother has done the painting on all of these as he wanted to experiment with it and see the difference between just the mud look and what else he could do, though I do enjoy taking credit for my brothers work, as any brother would.  First you choose your oranges and reds and paint those one, making sure to get in between the cracks.  Once you have gotten to the point that you like it, you then begin painting the raised areas, black or whatever colors you want.  You have to be careful not to get in the cracks, but when its done it looks real cool.

As you can see that has an awesome look to it and it is really quite easy to do.  Most of the time is just waiting for the technical to completely dry.  Have only just started using this and I'm sure there are many more ways to make use of this, some cool ice or frozen base comes to mind.  Anyways this is really cool and if I had not just based my whole army, I might have made use of this.

Hope someone finds this useful



  1. A GW store on facebook did a volcano base by first painting the base reds/oranges/yellows, then applying the Agrellan Earth, letting it dry, then painting the raised areas black. Got pretty much the same results, without having to try and get down the cracks.

    1. Yeah its def easier to start with the base. We had started thinking about using it as regular mud look, but then decided to experiment with it and ended up here.

  2. How many bases (normal infantry), can you decorate using one pot? Can 3 be enough for 100 Guardsmen?