Monday, November 4, 2013

New 40K Expansions

There are now going to be two new releases in the near future for 40K supplements.  The first is pretty simple, it adds a FOC slot for a single superheavy.  The other is a fortification supplement.  Now I admit I have mixed feelings about the super heavy supplement.  Personally think that is the reason Apoc exists and that is where it should stay.  But it is also something that I don't see as a huge issue as well.  The fortification one sounds nice and is kinda in the same boat as the super heavy one, its not really needed but isn't really a bad thing as well.  At first I heard about them and thought that it was going to far.  But then I realized that its not going to be a huge issue and here is why.

The first reason is that these are expansions, just like Planetstrike, Cities of Death, etc.  People keep confusing the wording of the press release, the part where is says for regular games of 40k.  This is still true, but it is an expansion just like the already preexisting ones and doesn't allow someone to just take it as they will in normal games.  Same as planetstrike for example.  I go to my FLGS and go to start up a game, playing a regular ole game, if my opponent is then all, well since I'm going second and am the defender, I'm taking double the heavy support choices since I play by planetstrik rules.  No it doesn't work that way.  If you agree to both play by those rules then all is well.  But someone doesn't just get to bring is super special flower army and just ignore the regular game and force you to play by normal rules. 

The same will go for this.  If all parties agree to play by the expansions, then what is there to complain about.  And if you have no super heavies, well if your opponent wants to play that way you may want to bring a little anti-tank along.  The same goes for fortifications.  Its a different ruleset that expands on the original, hence an expansion.  But that does not mean it gets to be used in all games unless it is house ruled.  Which is very likely to happen in some form or the other. 

The point is that whether this is in tournements or not really does not matter.  If it is well, adjust accordingly, you may want some more anti armor weapons, just a thought.  They are good against vehicles and buildings, just saying.  What I see is the fortification one being house ruled into regular 40k, as everyone can take them as a matter of course.  The super heavy one I see being played as desired by players themselves, no different from planet strike or cities of death.  And I have no problem with that, I welcome it in fact.  It adds something new and lets be honest, Apoc is fun, but sometimes we don't want to play a 9 hour game to use a baneblade.  This allows for you to still bring something of the sort, but in a regular game.  Are super heavys powerful, sure, are the unstoppable, well some are, but for the most part they are just tougher, not unbeatable. 

It could be interesting to see of tourneys bring these rules in, I know some see the current meta as unblanced, and it kinda is.  But I don't see it as needed, skilled generalship beats a good list most of the time.  As long as the terrain isn't retarded.  If TO's see these expansions as a way to even the field, as the Imperium is disprortionally represented in FW, well I can't really blame them, I just don't think it is necessary.  We will see though, I wouldn't be suprised if the fortification expansion is adopted wholesale and the super heavy one is shunned at first until people realise its not as OP as they thought it would be.  In th end all it can do is add flavor and another way to play this game, which is horrible I know.

I can't wait to see what is in these expansions and will prob be picking them up.  Let me know your thoughts, but I am looking forward to these.


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