Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hobby Post: Keeping all your Leman Russ Weapons

Time for a quick bit of hobby advice regarding the Leman Russ Demolisher kit.  This kit is super easy to build and keep all your weapons options available, so you can switch weapons out and have any of the three russes in the demolisher kit, without having to buy another tank.  This way you can build one tank, and it can still be a punisher, executioner, or even a demolisher.

Because of the way the main gun weapons fit into the turret, glue is not required, so once you have your turret built, and the weapons put together, STOP with the glue!  And because the top piece of each weapon slides into the turret, it fits nice and snug, no magnets required.  So this isn't even advanced customization.  Then all you have to do is base coat it, and paint it.

 Here is the tank with the punisher cannon, fits nicely.

The executioner, again, fits perfectly, no hands, no glue.

And look, even a demolisher, for the one day maybe sort of thing.

And here it is painted.

Slides in and out at will.  Note the same goes for all the sponson and hull weapons.

I know this is not the most advanced hobby post, but I didn't realize they could all fit together at first, so I could have already had two more of these turrets with all three of their weapon options available.  Lesson learned.  The standard leman russ is a bit harder, but once I pick up another kit I will take a crack at it and see if we can keep all 4 of those weapon options unglued.

Hope this is helpful and keeps you options open.

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  1. Whoops, I didn't realize that and now I have 2 Executioners and 2 Punishers (when I only needed 3 in total, or maybe 3 Punishers instead of 2+1 Executioner). Expensive lesson for me, but I like tanks so I guess it's fine.

    1. Yeah, same here, I could have 4 executioners or 4 punishers or 4 demolishers in any combo, but no, I have two dedicated executioners. As you said though, it is still more tanks.

    2. You do have to swap the back plate on the top of the Leman Russ's tank because the Executioner's back plate is different from the Punisher's and Demolisher's - supposed to look more hi-tech and plasma-y (if that makes sense).

    3. Thats only if you want to, looks fine without.

  2. Foe my LRBT I trimmed off the lumps of plastic on the base of the gun, the bit that normally fits in the turret to move up and down on. Then placed magnets on the holes incthe turret and drilled out holes where the lumps were for more magnets in the gun. Maybe Not the easiest way but its the only way I could figure it out.

    1. Yeah, i'm thinking that's the only way. I think I can get the LRBT, Vanq, and Eradicator to be interchangeable without magnets, but the autocannons don't fit up the same.