Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hobby Post: Swap-able Hellhound Weapons

To continue off of yesterday's theme, we have another cost saving hobby advice post, this time for the Hellhound kit.  The updated kit is very easy to keep it customizable for you to change it out on the fly.  This way with one model, you can have a hellhound, devil dog, or bane wolf depending on how you want to take it.  You don't need to buy three kits to have one of each!  The hull weapons are not as hard as it seems to get them to fit without glue.

For the main weapons, and hull, I just assembled them as normal.  The same for the tank, but did not glue the weapons to the model.  Next I primed both the tank and the weapons.  Once primed I tested the fit, to see how well they sat.  In this case, both the chem cannon and melta cannon fit snug, but the inferno cannon was a little loose.  No worries it was an easy fix.  On the square peg of the weapon that slides into the squad hole of barrel, I put heavy coats of paint on the peg to create a tighter fit.  Normally gobs of paint are not advised, but here its ok.  I recommend doing it one coat at a time and testing the fit each time it dries.

The same goes for the hull weapons, painted the weapons and the slot are stickier due to the added friction of the paint, and again only the heavy flamer was a loose, so similar to the main weapons, added more paint to the back part of the weapon that fits into the hull slot.  After a few coats it fit much more snugly.  I recommend a small plastic bag for the weapons for transport so you don't lose them.

Here is the standard hellhound, both weapons fit snug, and I even lifted it up and dropped it and the weapons stayed in.  Obviously a significant drop is not advised and a hard drop will result in the weapons falling out, but moving it about the table you won't be constantly putting the weapons back on.

Bane wolf, again all fit snug.

Devil dog, again no issues.

So there you have it.  Another easy cost saving measure.  I wish I had realized it earlier, as I would have two hellhounds that could be kitted out anyway I wanted, rather than just one.  Hope this helps.

Cadia Stands!


  1. I would keep the Hellhound as a Hellhound because for some reason I like the Inferno Cannon and its torrent ignores cover a lot more than the other two. Blast weapons aren't as reliable as torrent because of scatter, and I would rather have a Stormtrooper melta squad take care of it than rely on the BS3 small blast of the Devil Dog's melta cannon.

    I heard the Banewolf's chemical rounds aren't as potent as the Hellhound's Inferno cannon, but I could be mistaken on that. Either way, I see the Hellhound as the best choice to take of the three.

    1. The banewolf is actually quite good, it is poisoned 3+ and AP3, so just murders space marine and eldar bikes. The problem is that everyone knows that kills them before that get in range, as they don't have torrent. If you can get in range though, man is it great.

    2. Actually just checked, its poisoned 2+

    3. That actually sounds pretty awesome, but the template means that it has to go up close and is pretty vulnerable to counterattacks and charges?

    4. Yeah, it works best with two and some infantry support

  2. But Banewolves cost so much, you can practically get a squadron of 2 AV14 Leman Russ tanks for that price and they probably don't need infantry support as they can sit back with their greater range.